2012 So Far!

I have had the most amazing new year so far. Honestly, I am almost speechless about it (and if you know me that is pretty hard because I talk so much)! I've been on the go non-stop but its been incredible. I am embracing every moment and don't want to take all of these blessings for granted. Life is great!

I have shot two AWESOME fashion editorials that I cannot wait to show you, and also directed a music video. I've shot a few other projects as well, and hope to spend my 'free time' this week retouching them and getting them prepared for publication. My creative team has been on the ball and done a great job, the models have been great, the locations have been great... I'm just so pleased to be able to produce beautiful work with my close friends! In my life I've had people criticize me for not 'socializing' enough... but every shoot I do I am spending 10-14 hours a day with some of my best friends (my creative team!). Below you can see a behind the scenes images from the music video I directed.

Behind the Scenes of Music Video Directed by Lindsay Adler
Behind the Scenes of Music Video Directed by Lindsay Adler

In addition to making beautiful images, life has been busy for many more reasons, and I'll touch on them below.

So far in 2012: 

Imaging USA New Orleans: The year started off AMAZING by me going on vacation with my family in the Carribbean, immediately followed by a week at Imaging USA in New Orleans. I had a great time... maybe even too much fun. 😀  I took Bourbon Street by storm! Ok, thats an exaggeration for sure, but I did enjoy it. I love that I'm at the point where I know so many speakers and attendees that I always have wonderful people to chat with... we share the same passions and its so much fun to be in a great city with great people. Whats even better is that as our friendships grow, I know I can look forward to seeing them all at different conferences throughout the year!  Anyway, New Orleans was a lot of fun and this was my first Imaging USA. What pleased me so much was that I had a 7am class (YES INSANE) but there were well over 500 people in my room. That was extremely unexpected... what 500 people wake up for a 7am class on New Media and Social Networking? Apparently very serious and dedicated ones! The class went smoothly, the conference was great, and it was a great high note to start the year on! Its funny because at 6:45 I was in the room and it was almost empty, and I was terrified that no one would show. I was feeling a bit concerned, and then at just about 5 minutes to 7, everyone showed up! Makes sense, and thank you to everyone who came out so early in the morning!

Lindsay Adler on Bourbon Street, New Orleans at Imaging USA
Lindsay Adler on Bourbon Street, New Orleans at Imaging USA


Time at Kelby Media: While at Kelby I filmed my first of three Kelby trainings. In the class I filmed this week, I taught people how to take their portrait images to the next level using story-telling and conceptual imagery (drawing from the techniques of fashion photography). Based on my second book, Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography, we put together some awesome shoots and I am VERY proud of the results! I told the story of Little Red Riding Hood AND the Princess and the Frog for two awesome engagement sessions. The people at Kelby was very sweet, very accommodating, and from the footage I saw... they really made me look good! PS: My first training should be out and edited in about 6 weeks! I'll let you know when its ready. PS: A special thank you to my good friend Lila for all the help and inspiration she gave me while at Kelby... Love you Lila!


Here are two images to give you a sneak peek of the Princess and the Frog themed shoot for Kelby!

Photo by Lindsay Adler, Fashion Flair for Kelby Training
Photo by Lindsay Adler, Fashion Flair for Kelby Training


Photo by Lindsay Adler, Fashion Flair for Kelby Training
Photo by Lindsay Adler, Fashion Flair for Kelby Training


The Grid Episode 41: During my time at Kelby Media in Tampa, I was invited to appear on the live TV show "The Grid" with Scott Kelby and RC. I had met RC before, and he is such a sweet man... and has the cutest daughter in the world. This was the first time I met Scott, and I loved how easy it was to talk to him. He is a big, sweet teddy bear that enjoyed making me look good. 😀  The response from me being on this program was huge! We discussed inspiration, creativity, and basically a few tips on where/how I get my ideas. If you click the link above you can watch the episode along with a variety of links that I talk about. Those two guys were so sweet, made me feel so comfortable, and honestly made me feel like a rockstar. They talked me up, gave me support and were just so easy to talk to. Thanks for all those who watched, tweeted, and asked me such good questions!!

Photo Pro Network: The incredible David Ziser invited me to be part of his big event this year in Cincinnatti... let me tell you how incredibly and pleasantly surprised I was. This conference had nearly 600 people in the audience, and it is always flattering to be speaking in front of such a large group. I spoke about my inspiration and techniques for keep my work fresh and exciting. The big honor, however, was to be on a roster of speakers that were just incredible. For example, I came on stage just after Vincent Laforet, and he wished me good luck. Vincent is INCREDIBLE and I nearly blushed to be on stage right after him. Hard act to follow, but I think I did alright. Other awesome speakers at the event were Joel Grimes (good friend and insanely amazing photographer-- go look him up if you don't know his work!), Jerry Ghionis and Scott Kelby. The event was top-notch with great speakers, great giveaways and a cute super-bowl weekend themed event.

PopPhoto Poses with Lindsay Adler: As you know, my first app came out. Just cool and a good way to start the new year.

Hallmark Institute of Photography: Raise your hand if you've been to the Hallmark Institute of Photography? Until the last week in January, I hadn't either. People had casually mentioned Hallmark before but I didn't know much about it. Let me tell you... I was blown away by their facilities, curriculum, equipment and students. WOA. Talk about a serious photo school. Located in the middle-of-nowhere Massachusetts, this campus had it all. For example, I presented for 6 hours to more than 100 students in a gorgeous state-of-the-art auditorium. During lunch time I got tours of incredible studio facilities with ProFoto Gear, Leaf Back cameras, Eizo monitors, Epson printers, and much more. Basically if the equipment was state of the art and exciting... they had it here available to their students. This is a 10 month program (with a big price tag) that acts as an intensive for photo students. The students were engaged and full of questions. I loved the response I had there- I really related to the students and they related to me. In short... this place was just plain awesome.

Rangefinder Magazine Feature: First, if you don't get Rangefinder Magazine, you should. Its filled with great articles and beautiful photographs. Second, if you do get Rangefinder then you probably caught me in Jan/Feb issue! There was a big feature on me! I talked about my creativity, my style, my career and my tips to photographers. Plus, I got to share 5 pages worth of Lindsay Adler photos! Again, another honor I was blessed with in 2012. The photos look great, the article was great... just so great!


Rangefinder Magazine Feature on Lindsay Adler Photography
Rangefinder Magazine Feature on Lindsay Adler Photography

A few things to come:

There are a few things coming up very soon that I am excited about!

TWiT (This week in Tech: Photo Episode at WPPI!): All of my nerdy guy friends know about "This Week in Tech". Its a very popular online podcast/TV show where each week a panel discuss current topics in technology and how its shaping the world. I have had the honor to be asked to appear on this show while I'm at WPPI!   The show will be broadcast Feb 28th on TWiT live-streaming channel and iTunes as well! Again, I have the insanely awesome honor of being on a panel with some incredible people: Tamara Lackey, Dane Sanders, Jerry Ghionis, Sue Bryce and more!  We will be discussing the topic of "Is Technology a Menace to Photography"... can you guess what my answer is?  😀

Adorama Feb 13: In Search of Inspiration:  I will be speaking at Adorama basically about where I get my ideas. Its pretty awesome that at this point I can just get up in front of a crowd and talk about recent projects and how they were executed. Feel free to come along and I won't hold back. If you want to know how ANYTHING was done, I'll be happy to share-- camera, lighting, photoshop... whatever you want to know! I'm all yours! Hope to see you there!

Syracuse University: I'll be teaching this Tuesday and Wednesday at Syracuse University! If you are in the area, I'll be speaking Tuesday at 7:30pm in Watson. Bring your questions! I'm ready!  Photo, confidence, business, marketing, and more!

WPPI 2012: Last but not least WPPI is just around the corner! I am very excited! I will be posting my schedule later this week so you can stop by and say hi. I have 2 platform classes, a class at WPPI University, and a few appearances on the showroom floor. I am sooooo excited... WPPI is probably my favorite conference of the year because there is so much energy, passion and its in Vegas! The WPPI people have really embraced me as part of their family and I just can't wait to meet so many new friends!

  • Loved seeing you on the Grid Lindsay! And I can’t wait to see you in action in your Kelby training videos 🙂 Congrats on such a lovely start to your year!!

  • It’s great to hear your year is filled with amazing experiences. I really enjoyed your presentation at Photo Pro Expo this weekend! So many of the other photographers did as well. You are a true inspiration to me. I hope that our paths cross more in the future. I look forward to seeing what you are working on next! Keep up the blogging and have a great time at WPPI!

  • Wayne Morrison

    Lindsay, I must say, I became an instant fan of you, your work,and your style, after catching you on the Grid. Everything about you is inspiring. I bought a copy of RANGEFINDER mag on Monday night, not having a chance to read the whole mag, I saw the picture of the young lady laying in a field of Red flowers, (which is why i bought it), then I saw the same image on a recent episode of the Grid, not realizing that it was you who created that shot. Great work, Great eye. Great Mind and business sense. Your gonna have a Great 2012. 😉

  • Linda Autry

    Inspired ONCE again. I love your style … Love your attittude … Love the fact you are HONEST in all you do. :)))

  • Saw your work in Rangefinder, and was completely blown away. So inspirational, and truly love your work!!

  • I love your style.! Beautiful.!

  • Sue

    Hi, I watched you on Twit and decided to check your website, blog and videos. I was familiar with the work of the other photographers but not with your work. Well, I was so surprised. Your work is amazing and different. I was surprised in the sense that you’re so young, but your work looks like…well I won’t go there.

    A new fan and follower :).