Alejandro Inglemo Shoe Advertisement

Alejandro Inglemo Shoe Ad Directed by Lindsay Adler

I've been just dying to shoot a soft and dreamy video piece for some time now. I've been seeing beautiful images floating in my head: somewhat voyueristic and mysterious, soft and dreamy, lots of lensflare and atmospheric elements. I reached out to my wardrobe stylist LSC for 4Season Style Management with my creative desires and she proposed that we shoot a spec shoe ad for the incredible shoe designer Alejandro Inglemo.

To plan the shoot I began doing research online for the perfect location, and found a stunning mansion rental in Brooklyn that would provide a perfect high-key background for the video piece. It was actually a family home, and they were extremely gracious in letting me shoot in this striking and pristine home. Next I had to cast a model with a soft look, help direct the clothing, put together my creative team, and start to plan the shots.

LSC for 4 Season Style Management and Dex styling shoe spot directed by Lindsay Adler

For this particular advertisement, I didn't exactly story-board the shoot. Instead I decided how I wanted the overall aesthetic of the visuals to appear, and also the types of shots I would require for the edit to be successful.  I knew that for EACH of the 4 outfits and shoes I needed these shots:

- Closeup/face images (macro details and head shots)

- Clothing Details

- Mid-length to full-length outfit

- Shoe product shots and details

- Moving shoe-shots

The unifying visual force for all of the video clips would not be narrative visuals, but instead would be the location (mansion living room) and my use of lensflare. To create a prism effect in this video, I used two tools: a snowflake christmas ornament and an NAPP crystal award I had received. You read that correctly! I receive an aware from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and was able to repurpose it to create a stunning video. You can actually see me using this award (while lying flat on the ground) in one of the behind the scenes shots in this post!!!


Lindsay Adler multi-purposes an award as a great lensflare tool for her Alejandro Inglemo shoe ad

By placing semi-transparent objects in front of my lens I was able to simulate lensflare and create a dreamy prism look for all of my video shots. I was sure to record a LOT of different angles and use several lenses so that I had a lot of footage to work with. Ideally I would have no shot in the video for more than 4 seconds, and even 2 seconds if I could manage. I wanted the cuts to be quick, the details to be engaging, and to have a wide range of interesting visuals. Because I was not creating a narrative piece (in order words, not exact 'plot' to follow), I'd have to have strong enough visuals to keep interest through the advertisement.

Two-look edit (below)

The key to this process, however, was in making sure the edit was just right! I had to have great music to set the tone of the piece, perfect transitions to fit the shots and music, and great color toning to continue the mood of the piece. I think my editor, Aaron, just about died with all the moving around we did on the first edit, but in the end it was worth it! For music I was able to utilize a fantastic piece from Triple Scoop Music, "Dance With Me" By Debra Arlyn (Jeff did a great job selecting this piece which I really think helped to move the piece along, being soft without being too slow or dragging).

In the end we create two 30-second advertising spots. The first featured two soft mauve/brown looks and matching shoes. The second piece included 4 looks and their matching shoes, edited to the same music.

4-look Edit (below)

As you know, it is your team that helps you make things happen, so I wanted to thank them all! Thanks also to Jeff Rojas for his help filming, planning, selecting footage, and helping to select music for this piece!

Creative Team:

Directed by Lindsay Adler
DPs: Lindsay Adler and Jeff Rojas
Fashion Styling: LSC for 4Season Style Management
Fashion Assistant: Dex Robinson
Makeup: Elias Gutierrez
Hair: Aleethac Clanton
Model: Jessica from Major Model Management
Editor: Aaron Grimes
Music: Dance With Me By Debra Arlyn, Triple Scoop Music


Equipment Used:
- Cinevate Inc 35in Atlas 10 Slider   :   Used to get a few smooth panning shots for fluid movement and high production value.
- Manfrotto Fluid Video Monopod with Head  : Used to steady my shots for most of the main camera images
- Canon 5D II
- Sigma 50mm 1.4
- Sigma 85mm 1.4
- Sigma 150mm Macro
- Sigma 24-70mm 2.8

Jeff Rojas shoots second camera for 'Alejandro Inglemo' shot ad with Lindsay Adler"The Crew" for Alejandro Inglemo shoe ad directed by Lindsay Adler