Alter Ego Men’s Fashion Editorial for Dorian Magazine

One of the things that attracts me to fashion photography is the ability to have fun, try new things, and collaborate with other creatives. My job is far from monotonous or repetitive because of the wide range of projects I engage in — fashion editorials, portrait shoots, model portfolios, advertising campaigns, look books and more. I love the excitement and variety and teaming up with other creatives that help take me (and my ideas) to new places.

For this men's editorial I decided to have a little fun with fellow photographer Jeff Rojas. We decided to create an editorial themed 'good vs. evil'... kind of an alter ego themed shoot where the same model would be portrayed in an angelic and pure ways as well as a dark and more sinful way. Frequently in my work I have played with this idea of duality and good vs evil. You can see it in editorials where I have multiplied the subject in the frame, or shoots where I have mirrored the scene/subject. For this I would be pairing up with another photographer, each one tasked with showing one side of this model's personality.

My shoot would be high key — no shadows, glowing light, white background, white clothing, soft hair, softer expressions and posing. Jeff's shoot would be low key — heavy shadows, dark clothing, more stark lighting, more devious expressions. I would be good, Jeff would be evil — or at least that was what we would shoot lol.

For my lighting setup, I placed a 4x6ft softbox behind my subject so it would wrap around him and give me angelic illumination. To light his face I used a 20in white beauty dish (all lights Profoto) to introduce light and contrast to his face. The result was lighting that typically I would use to light a female, but here was perfect to achieve that pure, good, and gentle mood we were seeking for this side of his 'alter ego'.

Jeff placed the subject on a black background using a single light with the Westcott Zeppelin 47in to illuminate the subject. With black clothes on a black background, he utilized more menacing poses in this low-key setup for a fantastic contrast to what I created.

Here you can see the two sides of the same model that we were able to create. LSC of 4Season Style Management was able to provide the clothing to compliment the vision and style in a way that furthered the goals of the shoot. Enjoy the editorial as it appears in the current issue of Dorian Magazine!


Gear for "Good" Setup:

Profoto D1 Air 500 Watt

Profoto D1 air remote

Profoto 4x6ft softbox

Profoto Beauty Dish (white)


Gear for "Evil" Setup:

Profoto D1 Air 500 Watt

Profoto D1 air remote

Westcott Zeppelin 47in

Savage Black Seamless

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