As Quiet Crows, Fashion Editorial, Faint Magazine

This month my work was published in the new fashion magazine, Faint Magazine. Honestly, I love this publication. Take a look through its pages... the photography is incredible and I feel honored to be featured among these artists. The work is visually striking... it really makes you stop and look closely. Much of the work has a fine art quality exquisitely melded with an underlying dedication to fashion and style. There is an amazing Charlie Chaplain inspired shoot, a shot with a woman with fish skin on her body, women suspended in water with beautiful light, a shoot that plays with 'shadows' in fascinating ways, golden encrusted people, and much more. If you want inspiration, delve into the pages of this magazine (available on Issuu). Its beautiful. I am the first editorial in Issue 001, the issue themed "As Above, So Below".

As they describe themselves:
"Born on the 10/10/10, Faint is an independent online Fashion, Art and Culture Magazine featuring international artists and designers. Faint's vision is to retain a keen focus exploring a diverse variety of Photographic and Fashion aesthetics with every issue. Featuring both emerging and established artists and designers alike, Faint is a dialog between creative minds from around the world."

The concept of my shoot originally was "The Raven"... and I indicated to my creative team that I wanted to do a shoot that was inspired by feathers, high contrast lighting, and drama. In the end, I modified the shoot's name to "As Quiet Crows" because it seemed more timeless and not overdone (I think I've seen "The Raven" done a half dozen other times).


As Quiet Crows, Faint Magazine, by Lindsay Adler
As Quiet Crows, Faint Magazine, by Lindsay Adler

My creative team was:

Wardrobe: LSC for 4Season Style Management

Makeup: Kristin Mirabelle for  Makeup Forever

Hair: Samantha Landis

Model: Mikaela from Q Models

As Quiet Crows, Faint Magazine, by Lindsay Adler
As Quiet Crows, Faint Magazine, by Lindsay Adler

This shoot was lit was just a single light: a small silver dish elevated high on a stand. I had this dish at a drastic angle to the top and side, which created this dramatic rembrandt lighting on the face and form. To create the shadows that sometimes appear on the background, I placed the subject very close to a white seamless paper. Having the light and subject close to the background also helped to keep the background white for most of the shots, and therefore emphasize high contrast (if the subject is far from the background and the background isn't illuminated by separate strobes, then the background will fall to grey-- as seen in the top beauty shot).

For the retouching of this shoot I cleaned up the background the make it cleaner and more crisp, and also added a great deal of contrast to the image using curves. In most cases I wanted the highlights to be nearly white (without detail) and the shadows to be solid back (without detail). This makes the image pop and really attracts the eye.

If you'd like to see the images featured in this editorial, check the link below-- my images are the first story.

Many of the images I took were not selected to be published in the magazine. Feel free to review the gallery below to see more!

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