Awesome holiday gifts for photographers plus a $250 gift card giveaway!

I'm not an easy person to shop for. I am pretty content with everything I have in my life, yet I must admit there are definitely a few items on my list that would be pretty awesome this holiday season. Honestly, I may get some of them for myself! 😀

I wanted to spread a little holiday cheer by sharing my wish list and some awesome gift ideas for the photographer in your life. Check out these awesome gifts below and be sure to enter at the bottom for a chance to win a $250 gift card courtesy of Adorama!


My Wish List


ascam DR-60D 4-Channel Linear PCM RecorderTascam DR-60D Bundle

As I’ve been shooting video more, I’ve also begun recording more audio. This amazing piece of gear is an incredible digital audio recorder that also acts as a pre-amp! In other words, it acts as a recorder for high quality sound, but also boosts the signal into your camera to improve your in-camera audio as well! I own one of these, but as my team has been growing we certainly need another and this bundle is a great way to get my second audio kit going!

Nerd stuff: The Tascam DR-60D Mixer Integrated Linear PCM Recorder is a professional linear PCM recorder that allows you to capture up to four simultaneous channels of audio and store your recordings to SD or SDHC memory cards.



Heliopan 77MM Variable (1 to 6 stops) Gray ND Neutral Density Filter


Heliopan Variable Neutral Density Filter
I’ve been shooting a lot more video recently, and find myself frustrated when I shoot outdoors on a sunny day. I find that I must often make sacrifices between exposure and depth-of-field if the scene is too bright. Long story short, I need a few of these variable neutral density filters for all my different lens choices so I ca choose to darken the scene when necessary and open up my aperture for those stunning narrow depth-of-field shots. Maybe one for each lens? 😀

Hoodman RAW Steel Class 7 64GB CompactFlash Card, 1000x High Speed

Hoodman RAW Steel 64GB CF Card
I shoot. I shoot, a lot. I need a lot of storage and I hate having small cards that fill up and break the flow of my shoot. Furthermore, I’ve been shooting a lot more video recently, and therefore needs some blazing fast cards for their write speeds.






Sigma 24-105mm f/4.0 DG OS HSM Lens for Canon EOS Digital Cameras

Sigma 24-105mm f/4 lens for Canon
Sigma just announced the newest lens in its lineup, and this is something I’ve been interested in trying out for a long time. When I travel for fun, I’ve always wanted to be able to carry just one lens with me and know that I could capture a majority of what could come my way. Personally, when I travel I am shooting 100% for pleasure, and I like to keep my gear light and simple. I really hope to ad this kit to my arsenal, to keep it simple!





G-Technology 12TB G-SPEED eS 4-Bay RAID Array with 4x 3TB Enterprise Drives

G-Technology 12TB G-SPEED Drives

I need more storage! This year alone I filled up probably about 15 TB of space. I know that I foresee a great deal more creation to come in the new year, and would love to start it right with a lot of storage space. I think a 12TB raid array would be a pretty fantastic way to start.





Broncolor Move 1200 L Power Pack Outdoor Para Kit

Broncolor Move 1200 L Outdoor Para Kit

This is my HUGE Christmas wish... this is what I would DIE to have. First, I love Broncolor and equip my studio with their gear, but I don’t have anything to get my kit truly mobile. This new 1200 watt move pack allows me to get out on location without a power source, and still have a great deal of power packed into that pack! Next, the Para 88 creates light that I simply DROOL over. I did a test with 10 different light modifiers... and time and time again my favorite quality of light is the light created by that Para 88... but alas it is not in my kit.


This kit is a photographers Christmas dream come true!

Nerd stuff: The Broncolor Move 1200 L Power Pack Outdoor Para Kit is built around the improved Move 1200 L battery powered pack. Broncolor continues to raise the bar that Broncolor itself has set so high as an industry leader. The familiar blue handle and modern design are about all that has remained from previous incarnations. Two outlets distribute 1,200W/s of flash power either symmetrically or asymmetrically over 9.0 full stops and is variable in either 1/10 stop or 1 stop increments. It gets it there fast too, in every photographic sense of the word. Recycling time is a super-fast 0.02 to 0.9 sec. (min/max) with action-stopping flash durations of 1/1,000 / 1/350 sec (t0.5 /t0.1) at full power and as short as 1/20,000 / 1/8,500 at minimum power. That means fleeting gestures and water droplets among other subjects frozen in mid air if desired. It's great for sports and dance in the field as well.


My Gift Guide Suggestions


SpiderHolster SpiderPro SCS, with Spider Belt, SpiderPro Camera Holster, Plate with Pin


The Spider Holster's have been a God send. Being able to quickly latch my camera to belt allows me to be more hands on during a shoot without worrying about damaging my camera!

The SpiderPro Single Camera System from Spider Camera Holster is a unique way to have your professional DSLR at the ready. This is a serious hip-mounted holster that provides a way to wear your DSLR on your waist as a cowboy would his six-shooter. Instead of having two cameras dangling from your shoulders, The Spider gives you the freedom to hold one camera in your hands while the other rests on your hip.



G-Technology G-DOCK ev Dual Bay Storage System with Thunderbolt
G-Tech G-Dock Dual Bay Storage System
We photographers like to take lots of images. Tons of images, in fact, in the digital age. I’ve heard photographers say how wonderful that digital photography is for helping to learn and experiment because taking images is ‘free’. They, of course, are overlooking the cost of storage and hard drives. Then comes the time to back up their images and... well.. they either don’t feel like taking the time to back them up or simply don’t want to pay for the drives.

A great gift for a photographer this season is extra storage... G-tech hard drives are by far the best so any G-tech storage will be great. Personally, I love to use the G-Dock and I always buy two at a time. I have it set up so that I can pop-out the one drive to take on the go, and as soon as it is plugged into the dock, it is automatically backed up to the other drive. Simple backups that make sense.

The system here is something easy for the non-tech oriented photographer to actually back up their drives! Whatever it is, big hard drives (always buy two at a time) are a great gift.

Intended to help photographers push themselves creatively, conceptually, and technically. The book is filled with inspiration, tutorials and that spark that photographers to grow in 2014!



Manfrotto MVM500A Aluminum Fluid Monopod with 500 Head, 11.02lbs Load Capacity, 78.94" Maximum Height

Manfrotto MVM500A Fluid Monopod

I love this monopod, its so diverse and we use it in the studio all the time when shooting and mostly filming!

The Manfrotto MVM500A Aluminum Fluid Monopod with 500 Head is a lightweight fluid monopod supplied with a specific 500 fluid video head on top. It has an innovative fluid pan cartridge incorporated into the base that gives you an incredibly smooth panning action. Great compactness while folded thanks to the three retractable feet.




Wacom PTH851 Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Tablet, 12.8x8.0" Active Area, 5080 lpi Resolution, 2048 Pressure Levels, Mac & Windows Compatible, Large
Wacom Tablet
Editing images can be a long and arduous task. When you have a TON of editing to do, your eyes get sore, your brain gets fried, and your hand cramps. Well, maybe not the last part! Consider getting your photographer friend a Wacom table. This table allows the photographer to use a stylus for retouching. It is much more precise, often more natural movements, and helps prevent hand-cramping. In fact, most photographers consider this to be an extreme time-saver!




Cinevate Cyclops Articulating Mount Kit
Cinevate Cyclops Articulating Kit

I got my hands on a Cinevate Cyclops this year, and was just absolutely in love with this magnification power. I have poor eye sight, and looking through this viewfinder made it seem like I had a perfect up-close view of a 40in TV monitor. I could focus quickly, effortlessly and without straining my eyes. Sure, its bulky, but the viewing qualities it gave me was unparalleled. Perfect for a photographer getting serious about HDSLR video!

The Cinevate Cyclops Articulating Mount Kit consists of the Cinevate Cyclops Viewfinder and the Cinevate Universal Accessory Mount. The Cyclops Viewfinder is a revolutionary HDSLR viewfinder designed to accommodate a variety of HDSLR camera LCDs.


Cinevate Cyclops Articulating Mount Kit
Designing an Image DVD

How can I forget my beloved fashion photography DVD!? If you haven't picked this up yet, or if you're waiting, go get it right now! It's jam packed with great information!

This 3-video collection will provide you insight and instruction in Lindsay Adler's method of image making from start to finish. "Concept" will teach you how to find sources of inspiration and turn those ideas into reality. "Light" will focus on high impact, low fuss light.




Kelly Moore Thirst Bag - Wax Canvas with Brown Trim
Kelly Moore Thirst Bag
I used to think that laptop and camera bags needed to be nerdy, tech-y, and unstylish. Then last year I got ahold of my Kelly Moore Thirst Bag and I absolutely LOVE it. It has thick and durable fabric, a great vintage look, and perfectly fits my laptop and some basic gear. Every time you see my speak, you will see this laptop bag by my side. Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds goes to a good cause. This is a great gift for for ANY photographer or really anyone who wants a stylish laptop bag. And if the photographer you are gifting this too has their own style, Kelly has a ton of other bag designs to choose from.