Be a Bridal Resource: Professional Photographer Magazine: Article by Lindsay Adler

Here is an article I wrote for this year's Wedding Issue for Professional Photographer Magazine. It will teach you how to become a resource for brides-- be an expert or website that advises them-- and this is a great marketing technique!!

Be A Bridal Resource
Lindsay Adler

More than goodwill, it’s valuable marketing

Getting a bride’s attention when she’s distracted by all the other vendors she has to choose is no easy task. She may look at dozens of photographers. One way to grab her is to become an expert in all things wedding, especially wedding photography. What a convenience for her! As for you, she’ll remember you and your business and your high-quality photography above the competition, trust you as an expert in the field, and eagerly share info about you with potential clients.

What information would a bride find useful? What questions do they ask frequently?What do you wish brides knew about finding a wedding photographer? What information would help brides get images they’ll love?

Here’s a start:

• A bride’s guide to looking her best: Posing tips and more

• 10 Gorgeous engagement session locations in the city, country, parks, other great but little known venues

• A guide to wedding photography: Important factors in choosing a wedding photographer, including packages of products, cost, album style, and all the new photo products on the market

• Make it last forever: How to preserve your prints and digital photographs for posterity

• Make an image statement: Memorable ways to use photography before, during and after your wedding, in save-the-date cards, guest books, favors, metal murals, thankyou cards, and many more unique products

Consider your market and the needs of your potential clients. What makes you stand out from the competition? Choose a topic that highlights your strengths and showcases your knowledge.



At bridal shows, the audience is always eager to learn about the products and services you offer. Offer several free 15- to 30-minute mini-classes at the show. Bridal show coordinators are happy to offer value-add services and may offer to give you a separate room or space for your presentation. In addition to getting eyes on your work and getting you established as an expert, such classes could get your name listed in the events schedule, even advertisements and event announcements.

Don’t use the class to sell yourself. Focus on imparting your expertise and use your most beautiful work to illustrate the presentation. At the end of class, hand out notes, brochures or promo pieces that cover the highlights, and of course, include all your Web addresses and contact info. Also, prompt the audience to visit your blog and download a specialized guide for brides.


An ideal place to convey your personality and display your recent work.Create articles and videos on bridal-related topics for the blog and promote it as a go-to place for the straight dope. Make your posts easy for brides to share with friends (see “Sharing Made Easy” below). Growing traffic improves brand awareness and funnels more potential clients to view the site.Including other resources on your blog and website also improves your search engine optimization by using selective keywords that Google will identify with your brand.


If your market has a regional bridal magazine or forum, it’s another chance to make a name for yourself with your target audience. Share your tips for brides in guest blog posts or forums. If people like what you have to say, it will drive traffic to your site and increase awareness of your brand.


If you make the effort to provide useful information for brides, make it easy for them to share the content with friends and other brides.Readers become your advertisers and promoters as they pass along your name. Be sure to include links to use via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. If you create a video, share it on YouTube and post it on your own blog.