We All Bloom : Fine Art Editorial in Quiet Lunch Magazine

I met my friend and makeup artist Georgina Billington while on a job in Istanbul, Turkey. I wanted to work with the best makeup artist is the city so I did my research, and she was it! I found her to be an incredibly talented makeup artist and also body painter with immense creativity and an amazing collection of tear sheets as well! After a great editorial in Istanbul we kept in touch, and she eventually moved to NYC to further pursue her career. 

She recently approached me to invite me to be part of a few editorials for a Fine Art and fashion magazine. Yes, fashion and beauty would be part of the publication, but definitely creative expression would be paramount. Georgina and her friend/stylist Mia Morgan had become creative directors for this newer magazine, Quiet Lunch Magazine

The concept for the first shoot of this publication was "We All Bloom". In this editorial, creative hair, makeup, wardrobe, and body paint would all intermingle. Typically in a shoot it is easier to achieve successful images by keeping just a single element more avant garde (instead of every element). For this shoot we would test our creativity by finding a way to make several creative elements work harmoniously. 

When we had completed the shoot and I submitted the final images to the magazine I was so excited to see the INCREDIBLE graphic design and layout created by artist Steve Whittier. He conceptualized the shoot as one long layout, almost like a graphic panoramic. The results were beautiful and took the shoot far beyond what I had originally envisioned and really embraced the Fine Art aspect of the publication. All elements-- fashion, makeup, graphic design-- contribute a unique touch to the shoot. 


This week I attended two events that were hosted (or co-hosted) by Quiet Lunch for the launch of their second issue. I was able to see the beautiful magazine in print and I LOVED it! The pages were rich and silky. Furthermore, some of my images were framed in large, beautiful frames to be displayed for the gathering audience. There is really nothing like seeing your images in large and in print. So many times I only view them on a small computer screen-- and that is not what really brings them to life. Printing, framing and the interactions with a live audience really fills the soul in a different way! 

Here are the final selected images below as well as that incredible layout and some images from the magazine launch:

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We All Bloom editorial for Quite Lunch Magazine by Lindsay Adler

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Creative Team: 

Photography and retouching by Lindsay Adler

Hair by Cameron Rains

Clothing by Joanna Mastroianni 

Makeup by Georgina Billington 

Fashion Director and styling by Mia Morgan 

Models: Mara from One Model Management and Anna from Major Model Management 

Design by Steve Whittier