Canon Explorers of light

This week I am able to proudly announce that I have achieved one my life’s biggest goals. I have the honor to join one of the most prestigious and exclusive groups in professional photography. I now have the title of Canon Explorer of Light, along with other incredible artists like Joyce Tenneson, Greg Gorman, and many other photographers I admire and even studied in college. Furthermore, I am the youngest person named “EOL” to date!

Canon Explorers of LIght

I picked up my first Canon camera, the Canon Rebel 2000, when I was just 13 years old. I first fell in love with the art of photography with this small film camera. I explored, appreciated and fell in love with the beauty in the world through this camera. With this camera I shot my very first portraits and weddings, got my first magazine publications, and decided that photography would be my life’s focus.

Since that very first camera I have owned more than a dozen different Canon cameras, and most recently the incredible Canon 5DS. Now, just a few days short of my 30th birthday I am so pleased to be able to add the incredible title of Explorer of Light to my biography.

When I first began sharing my knowledge as a photographer, I had this title as a dream and aspiration, and now it is a reality! It seemed very unlikely at that early stage of my career that I could ever achieve such an elite status-- but I kept my eyes focused on that goal, always moving in that direction. It is a beautiful gift of life when your hard work and dreams come to fruition. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way. My family, photographic brands, my peers and fellow photographers, my students, my assistants-- all I feel is complete gratitude in this moment!

I am extremely (immeasurably!) excited to start this new journey in my life. My passions are photography and helping others to embrace their passion. These two things make up the focus and mission in my life. I have been shooting and sharing my knowledge around the US and globe for many years now, and with Canon’s help I’ll be able to reach an even larger audience and continue living the beautiful life I have been blessed with. Thank you to all of you and Canon for helping me to live for my passion and share my knowledge and passion with others!

As you may have seen in my social media feed, this week was the Canon Expo in NYC (held every 5 years), and basically Canon constructed a Disneyland for all lovers of all things Canon. To say that this expo was an incredible visual and intellectual feast barely explains just how impressive this event at the Javitz Center was.

Here Canon showcased their latest innovations and what we can expect in the future. No only that, they created the opportunity to play around with this technology first-hand.

From 8K video cameras and monitors, to virtual reality, to the 4 million ISO camera, to a 120 megapixel camera in a DSLR body, the segment dedicate to image creation was impressive. The technology was enough to wow, but then I wandered upon the mini-Yankee Stadium they build right within the expo. They constructed a little stadium (with a pano of the stadium seats made with a gig-pan system of hundreds of images) and had people actually playing baseball on the field. This gave attendees something to photograph, test auto focus, and then high up in stadium seats to test out super telephoto lenses like a 600mm!

Here are a view videos that I captured during the awesomeness! 

Of course I was most impressed with the imaging section of the expo, but there were several others. There was a separate zone of the conference dedicated to large format printing, another section for medical technology, university collaborations, and even industrial applications. You could spend days wandering around and exploring the different technology and exhibitions.

It was in the midst of all this innovation, all of this inspiration, and all of this RED that I was able to appreciate my new title! Excited to start this new chapter of my life and career, though excited barely describes this thrill!

This is an honor, and an honor I’ll use to continue to share with all of you!