Behind the scenes for the Canon imagePROGRAF Printer Ad

Earlier this year I was invited to do a bit of an experiment with Canon to showcase just how truly obsessed professional photographers (including yours truly!) are with the detail in their images by tracking my eye-movement while studying my own photograph. Unlike the average person snapping a photo, as professionals we think through each element of the photo and even the most minute details of the shot. break I invited Canon to utilize my studio here in New York City to film me examining a print that I had shot for the launch of the Canon imagePROGRAF Pro1000 launch. For this image I collaborated with an incredible team to create a surreal scene full of color, texture, and beautiful flowers.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series Printer Advertisement - Lindsay Adler Photography 

On the day of the experiment, the Canon team set up an elaborate film set in my studio that really wowed me! With more than 20 people on set, high-end lighting, the best cinema cameras and more... I got to be the star of the show! I am seldom intimidated, but this was pretty intense! This was the highest-end of productions, and I believe it really shows in the resulting commercial piece. 


Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series Printer Advertisement - Lindsay Adler Photography 

The idea of the day was that Canon would present me with a print, and after revealing the shot they would use specialized technology to track all of my eye-movements as I examined my image. I allowed my eye to flow naturally through the shot, talking through what caught my eye and the purposeful decisions I made when planning/shooting the image.

 Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series Printer Advertisement - Lindsay Adler Photography 

In the end I had more than 1,200 eye movement when studying the color, composition, makeup, and textures in my image. I knew that I certainly paid attention to detail in my photographs... but I found this number staggering. This is yet another reason that after all of the effort, time and conceptualization that goes into one of my images that I feel only a big, beautiful print can do it justice!


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