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If you've been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably heard me mention creativeLIVE more than a few times. If you don't know what creativeLIVE is, I promise that you are missing out. I'd say my upcoming appearance on CL is one of my biggest career accomplishments to date... and I am nearly exploding with excitement!

creativeLIVE is a FREE photographic education resource. The team at creativeLIVE bring some of the best photographers in the industry to teach 2-3 day courses that are livestreamed for you to watch, completely free. During the workshops from 9-4 (PST) these teachers are livestreamed internationally so you can watch, learn and even ask questions (through FB, Twitter, and more). Topics vary on everything from workflow, to lighting, posing and more. Previous teachers have included Jasmine Star, Bambi Cantrell, Zack Arias, Sue Bryce and more! The teachers pour their hearts and minds out for you all to learn!

How do they make money, you ask? If you want to purchase the ability to re-watch these classes in the future, they are usually$99 to purchase during the livestream and $149 thereafter. But just to sign up and watch there is zero cost during the actual livestream.

So now for the big news... my creativeLIVE classes!

I am teaching two creativeLIVE classes. My first class is Social Networking Essentials for photographers May 30th (I'll be addressing this more in the future). The 'big one' is "Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photographers". I can promise you nothing short of an epic class PACKED with information. I've been planning and working on this class for months, and I am ready to wow you.

You don't become a photographer to become rich, or to do what is typical. You become a photographer because it is your passion and you have a vision. Stand out from the crowd. Ditch the ordinary... embrace the extraordinary! This workshop will encourage you to channel your creativity and do something unexpected.

As a fashion photographer, I regularly utilize an arsenal of tools to make my work stand out. Locations, hair and makeup, wardrobe, concepts, story-telling, creative lighting, props, creative retouching and more are ALL elements I regularly use in my fashion work. In this 3-day intensive workshop I will be teaching you how to infuse the concepts of fashion photography into your portrait and wedding work.

This workshop is not for people who aspire to become fashion photographers (although I'm sure they could learn something too!). Instead, this is for portrait and wedding photographers that want to take their work to the next level!

Here are some topics we will cover:

- Idea generation/inspiration

- Story-telling

- Executing a fashion flair shoot, gathering your creative team

- Creative in-camera effects

- Elements of Fashion Flair

- Creative Studio Lighting

- Posing

- Social networking and fashion flair

- Creative Retouching techniques

- Fashion Flair in Action!

- Equipment and technicals


Finally, I have created a Lindsay Adler & creativeLIVE facebook group. This facebook group is meant to serve a number of purposes.

1. Send me your questions and what you'd like to see in my class! I've already incorporated a variety of your suggestions! You all wanted to know where I get my ideas... DONE! You wanted to know some creative lighting techniques? DONE!

2. When the class is happening, feel free to discuss, ask each other questions and build a community.

3. I will be running a variety of competitions with FANTASTIC PRIZES before, during and after my creativeLIVE workshop. I'll have prizes from: LiveBooks, Datacolor, Lensbaby, Sigma, Broncolor, California Sunbounce, Imagenomics Portraiture, Nik Software, OnOne Software, DropIt Modern, Kelly Moore Bags, After Dark... and tons more during my workshop and also through my FB group/blog competitions!!! I'll be posting more about these competitions soon, but I already have one launched... feel free to get started!!!

In anticipation of my creativeLIVE class, I want to get your creative juices flowing!  I’ve planned out a few fun competitions to get you thinking outside of the box and to really engage with the class. First, let me introduce some pre-conference competitions and their prizes. I want you to start thinking of ideas, questions and get ready to break the rules.

Below are your missions, if you choose to accept them. In order to succeed you must think outside the box. You must push your creative boundaries. You must WOW me!

When watching Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photographers... don't just stop at watching. You must do! You must put what you've learned into action... not only will you improve your portfolio and refine your creative vision... you can also win great prizes!


Pre-Conference Competitions:

The winners for the pre-conference competition will be aired on creativeLIVE during my workshop! I will also post winner’s on my blog for all to see!

In  Fashion Flair you'll learn how to take the concepts of fashion  photography and apply them to your portrait and wedding work. Lighting,  props, post-processing, concept, styling, hair & makeup, and more.

Let's start with challenging you to use a basic prop:


Competition #1: Lace


Use a piece of lace in a unique way. Any way you want, on any subject you want. Submit your image to this Facebook page or Flickr group. There are no rules... Just wow me. Don't be typical. Excite me! You can get lace at a fabric shop, online, ebay, etc. Lets just do something gorgeous with it. Lace has been used a million times before-- so what can you do thats different or how can you use it to make a stunning image for you and your clients.


Deadline: May 29


Prize: IMAGENOMICS Portraiture Retouching Software (its awesome)


Competition #2: Avant Garde Helmet

Its always great to have creative props and accessories around the studio. I love having crazy ‘fashion pieces’ like helmets, sunglasses, hats and more. One of my iconic images is simply crazy glasses and red lips. For creativeLIVE, I invite you to be inspired a make an amazing helmet that will serve as a stunning centerpiece to a beauty/fashion image (great for model portfolios, high school seniors, musicians and more).

I will shoot my favorite pieces during creativeLIVE. PLUS, if your designs are impressive enough, I will even use them in a REAL fashion editorial to run in a high-end fashion magazine!


Here’s what to do:

1. Purchase this inexpensive helmet:

2. Go nuts!  Bedazzle it. Add spikes. Paint it. Add fringe. Do whatever your heart desires!

3. Mail this helmet to creativeLIVE.


Attn: Lindsay Adler Shoot

757 Thomas Street

Seattle, WA 98109


Note pieces will not be returned. 

PS: Feel free to send in other props as well if you want! Sunglasses, headpieces, and more! Just remember, the competition is only for these helmets!


PRIZE: Admission to After Dark Kansas City (Value $500), 16x24 Miller’s Print Wrap

Deadline: Received by May 29


Check out what I've been working on so far! These are my ideas!  VERY much works in progress. 😀

My bedazzled helmet, so far!
My bedazzled helmet, so far!


My bedazzled helmet, so far!
My bedazzled helmet, so far!

Competition #3: Graphic Location

Find a location with strong graphic elements, and shoot it! This image should be dynamic and the graphic shapes of the environment should be central to the photograph! Also, don't forget that you can even composite images if you want... all that matters is the final product!


Prize: Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography (book), Creative Studio Lighting DVD with Lindsay Adler

Deadline: May 29




Pre-Conference Rules:

1. Images MUST be taken between April 1 - May 20 

2. Images MUST NOT be boring or typical.

3. You must have a model release for your images. Can be men, women, children, or couple.

4. Images should be sized between 800 x 800px, 72dpi with no watermark.

5. Post to Lindsay Adler's Flickr Group/Facebook group at:,   With you submissions please include which competition you are entering, your name, and some way to contact you. OR you can email me at




Please watch in the near future for information on the competitions DURING and AFTER the creativeLIVE workshops! More great Prizes!


Lindsay Adler CL Competition #1: LACE
  • Richard Galloway

    This is very Stevie boi inspired!

  • I watched you on CreativeLive and was mesmerized! Your work is stunning. One the important things, to me, that I learned from you, is I have a good eye. That bolstered my confidence. I watched you like hawk to see how you did things ( where you stood, what lenses and settings, etc.), because I have so little on the job experience, and I’ve never shadowed anyone. I am a firm believer that watching something done is a great teacher, and your workshop proved that right.
    I hope to meet you or see another workshop done by you again, because you never grow tired or boring; there is so much creativity in you, it truly is a blessing from Lord in your life. So thank you, thank you, thank you. You have given me a new outlook to go forward with, I was discourage but your workshop refired me, (I’m 58 yrs old and just started my business in 2009 to supplement our income! I went back to college and took courses to give me confidence, because although my passion is photography along with creating and designing, I never got pass the auto icons on my camera, but college changed all that and accomplished what I meant it to. So now I’m reaching forward to stretch myself to be what I know lies on the inside. I just need the opportunity, and I believe your workshop has taught me how to materalize in my photos the expression on the inside of me. You have shown me so much! I have an engagement shoot this weekend and I’m so excited, I can’t wait to begin shooting. I’m taking your advice and going to tell a story with those pic’s instead of just the ordinary engagement shoot. And I’m going to define my style and put out stunning images instead of just nice ones. You’re right, we have to distinquish ourselves away from the crowd. Thank you again (I could write a book with my ‘thank you’s’).
    Do you offer competions often?

  • This is the right creativeLIVE: Join me! and Competitions ‹ ‹ Lindsay Adler PhotographyLindsay Adler Photography diary for anyone who wants to seek out out some this subject. You respond so untold its most wearing to present with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new acrobatics on a theme thats been scripted near for geezerhood. Prissy shove, but high!

  • Great post at creativeLIVE: Join me! and Competitions ‹ ‹ Lindsay Adler PhotographyLindsay Adler Photography. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was seeking this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

  • Why we selected: We were really impressed how far you pushed creative boundaries. You were the only person who photographed a man for the theme of lace, and furthermore, it was a successful image. It is quiet and well-executed. Nice image!

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