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creativeLIVE crew at after party with Lindsay Adler

creativeLIVE crew at after party with Lindsay Adler

It has been two weeks since I first showed up at creativeLIVE, and it feels CRAZY that it was that long ago! It is still so fresh in my mind and was a real game-changing experience for me. I've really enjoyed connecting with so many of you via twitter and facebook. In fact, I've seen some incredible images from people who said that their shots were inspired by techniques from my creativeLIVE class. I cannot express how rewarding that is to me. I love to teach photography because for photographers it is their passion and a driving force in their life. When I can help someone better express their vision or pursue their passion, I feel honored to be playing a role in enriching their lives. This is why I teach and share. Though I certainly do not consider it one of the most noble causes, I do feel joy when helping bring happiness into people's lives.

Lindsay Adler and attendees at creativeLIVE


In the same train of thought, I wanted to let you all know about my intensive courses that I hold. In these small classes (12-14 people) I teach two or three day intensives on a particular subject where we can shoot and you can ask me ANY questions you want! For example, for the fashion intensive I teach three days with hands on shooting of professional models, amazing hair, makeup, wardrobe in incredible locations! If you enjoyed watching the attendees on creativeLIVE and want to join me for an amazing time and hands-on workshop of your own, take a look at my upcoming workshop dates! I've got beauty classes, bridal class, fashion and more in New York, Las Vegas, and hopefully some abroad someday! If you want to see other classes I am teaching (not intensives) in other places across the country, I always have a list of my schedule on my blog including new course listings for the Long Island Photo Workshops, WPPI University, Photoshop World and more.

Now that my creativeLIVE attendees have had some time to think and reflect, they've begun to share their experiences and images online. If you want to see some images they've created, I'll let them share in their own words on their blogs/websites (see below). I am so proud of the images they created and am thrilled that I had such a great group of people! Thank you guys!! May we meet again soon!

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith image from creativeLIVE with Lindsay Adler

Julie Ray

Julie Ray image at creativeLIVE with Lindsay Adler

Jennifer Brennan

Jennifer Brennan image at creativeLIVE with Lindsay Adler

Romonia Isaac

Romonia Isaac image at creativeLIVE with Lindsay Adler

Robin D Beckham 

Portrait of Lindsay Adler by Robin D Beckham


  • I am so excited to visit their blogs! It was fun to watch you in action! I loved your class. You are encouraging and real! The best kind of person. Thank you for sharing all that you do!

    • Lindsay Adler

      Aww I’m blushing! Thank you so much! They did a great job and I had an amazing time! Keep in touch and thanks for following my blog!

  • HI Carter

    Thank you for the wonderful class, you did such an amazing job teaching it…I learned so much! Just edited a picture using some of your editing tips 🙂 I am just starting to build a portfolio in hopes of starting a business (sooner over later hopefully) and after watching your class I was able to define what I am striving for my images to look like. You totally opened a whole new world to me!

  • Lindsay your creativeLive class was just amazing and I learned a lot. I bought your wedding book from Amazon some time ago and my husband and I both loved it, (we still want to get the marketing but haven’t yet!) When we saw you were coming to Creative live we both wanted to watch it together although he is in the military stationed in Greece, and I am near Seattle. We were both able to watch it together, it was a great experience!

  • You did great on cL, I simply loved your class. There were so many ‘aha!’ moments, I don’t even know where to start. Thanks so much for taking the time to educate other photographers, it really means a lot to us! I was inspired a lot by what you showed us, all of your shots made sense, they were great! Some even stood out more to me, like the steampunk shot, that was once again (like many of your photos) a shot that you just can’t forget.

    Those shots of the students are great as well, I especially like the shot of you! Didn’t see how it was shot on cL, but this photo shows you both as being vulnerable as well as strong and powerfull, love the light and the expression!

    I like your style, both the phography as well as your teaching style, it’s both a no-nonsense approach, love it! Thanks for putting yourself in such a vulnerable spot, for everyone to see. You’ve been (and still are) a great inspiration for me!

  • Thank you Lindsay for blogging about our experiences. It truly was the best three days I won’t soon forget. I love your style of teaching and it really shows you care about your students and make sure we had all of our questions answered.

    For those who are looking in to Lindsay’s upcoming workshops, you will love it! GO! You will LOVE IT!
    Julie Ray

  • Gorgeous!! It was so great watching live. You are an inspiration.

  • Mallory Renee

    Wow! I have to say, I love Romonia’s work! Nice job girl! And Lindsay, what an amazing workshop. Thank you so much for all of that hard work you no doubt put in for us.

  • SO FUN to see the resulting images from the in-studio audience fashion flair portrait shoots on creativeLIVE! SOOO cool that images from Julie, Romonia, Robin, Jennifer & Samantha can continue to inspire even after the workshop! THANK YOU Lindsay for educating the world – you truly are a teacher at heart in addition to being an amazing artist. oxoxoxo ~kenna

  • I have to say it was a great 3 days watching it all live, wish I was there in person. Got so inspired, and enjoyed the way Lindsay taught. It was so engaging and a lot to learn. happy creating! behin.

  • Christian Held


    am not a pro photographer but enjoyed the class throughout and will probably give it a shot with friends in a nice location. Well might be posting about that disaster to come lol.

    Was definitely nice to watch and even I took some away from it. May I encourage you to come to the UK? Glasgow in particular is a very nice place 😉

  • I absolutely LOVE that portrait of you that Robin captured! Truly beautiful and creative–I hope that you frame it! Everyone’s work turned out great because you were there pushing us to go farther to go beyond what one can usually do. You are an open book of fresh air, ideas, knowledge, passion, excitement, creativity and downright genuine realness. Yes I kind of made that last word up but it is true. I cannot wait to see where life continues to take you, as well as us all, and I thank you again for the amazing experience! The way you push and motivate has changed the way I approach so many aspects of my business now. Thank you Lindsay for being you and for an awesome workshop! I hope to see you near the Shore! 😉 #themotto

  • Karri

    Lindsay – you are truly a talent and I have enjoyed meeting you at After Dark in Charlotte, watching you in action on Creative Live and getting to know you and your work through your blog. Thank you for being an inspiration and being so down to earth. I have taken a lot from your teaching and sharing because it applies to all areas, even if I can’t apply the full fashion/editorial looks in rural North Carolina. LOL I hope to attend one of your intensives in the future so keep the dates coming!

  • Robin (vadrmgrl)


    Thank you for a wonderful workshop filled with fun and learning. You did a great job of imparting your knowledge and sharing the photography love!