Dreams to Reality, Reality to Dreams

Dreams into Reality by Lindsay Adler

Dreams into Reality by Lindsay Adler


I love my job. I love my job so much that sometimes it nearly bring me to tears. Life isn't easy. My job isn't easy. Relationships aren't easy. But photography has been the one constant my entire adult life. I have changed friends, where I live, boyfriends, perceptions on the world... pretty much everything about my life has been in flux since I first picked up a camera at age 13. Everything in my life changes, except that camera. Everything in life changes except my deep connection and need for photography-- my love of creating.

I don't need to tell you, reality can be harsh and sometimes your dreams seems so distant. The brutality of reality can stare you right in the face, and you can also forget the beauty that is out there. My camera and photography, however, have always connected me with that beauty even in the ugliest of times. Whether the ugliness was within or forces I could not control, I could see past it with my vision as a photographer. If you have a passion in life, you'll understand the importance of this driving and lasting love. When other love fades, when your life has loss or uncertainty, that passion can remain.

People always ask me what draws me to photography. My list could go on forever. I am an explorer at heart. I love to experience new things and record these experiences, and photography is one way to do so. I love the doors and hearts that photography opens to me. Photography even helps me to understand and appreciate myself when this seems difficult.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about dreams. I don't mean dreams as in goals, or even dreams as when you are sleeping. Instead, I mean the visions that dance around in my head. The way that I wish reality was. Or the reality that I sometimes can escape to in my thoughts.

Being a fashion and fine art photographer can be magic because I can make the dreams and visions in my head a reality. I am a creator. My art and my images are my children right now. I can turn both dreams into reality, AND my reality into a dream. I get to see my visions manifested in front of my camera or on my computer screen. I can create beauty that never existed in the world, except inside my head, and then share that beauty with others. Perhaps its not as noble as it feels, but it does feel amazing to bring beauty into the world, and beauty as my mind defines it.

Photography has been my way to understand myself. It has been my constant in life. It has been my way of communicating my inner self with others in a way I couldn't imagine otherwise. It is my escape. It is my way to love life by embracing and creating beauty. I could not imagine my life, my development as an adult, and my passion in general without photography.

I hope that you reading this now have a passion that fulfills you. It changes the entire experience of being and feeling alive. If you do, please feel free to share.


  • Hi Lindsay,

    Love what you wrote “Everything in life changes except my deep connection and need for photography– my love of creating.”

    4 years ago my entire life and everything I loved collapsed in one second and it took me 1 year to design and create again. I thought I can never design but then I did and that saved me, because my design and my photography was one thing no one could take away from me, and I still love every moment of creating something from inside of me. Cheers.

  • HI Lindsay,
    Well, in fact that’s a good thing, you love and live so much for your passion… i think that’s the good way.
    I really respect your work and I admire your knowledge, in fact I loved your two courses on Kelby training, but I’d like to see more ordinary people, it is also an axis to progress in your passion. Knowing how to see and highlight what is not naturally beautiful is also a challenge.
    I like to have fun with my photos, my greatest pleasure is to offer a beautiful photograph, simply.

  • Lindsay Adler

    Thank you both for sharing. For me, nothing pulls me out of the darkness like creating a beautiful image. It truly does. David, I totally understand your desire for ‘ordinary’… just the niche that I fill int he Kelby classes is Fashion and there are already more ‘portrait’ classes. But I do understand your impulses. I photograph ‘ordinary’ people regularly and am proud of making stunning images with them.

  • Well, after i read this I thought if I should comment on it. I have a blog that I keep secret because I just post thoughts like these that I don’t feel confident in sharing with the world. I thought “If there are 26 or 299 comments I won’t comment”. but you only had 3, and I believe that, only with 3, maybe no one will notice I have published here.

    I have started on the photography world quite recently, still trying to find my style and some energy to follow this amazing and hard journey, yet my country doesn’t allow me to do so, there are no openings anywhere and I have to do 2 other jobs in order to get money to, maybe someday, travel somewhere to make beautiful pictures freely and in peace.

    Not only that but life has been a complete mess, with my parents getting a divorce and being alone with my mother during this awful time. I don’t know why I’m telling you this, I don’t even know you. But you inspire me, you seem to be very creative and very positive. People like that should have a clear vision that what you do is right, that what you’re doing is probably helping someone out… Not only by giving inspiration and strength but also by opening slowly doors to creative people from our dreams to reality and vice versa. So, yeah, from someone who does not know you, have never met you or even you’ll probably never know, be strong and confident. There are people from all over the world rooting for your success. I know, since I’m one of them.

    great workshop on creative live. hope to see you there again soon with more ideas and more inspiration to hand out… for free 🙂