Fashion Forward: Triple Scoop Music Collection

In the past few months I've really been working hard to produce great behind the scenes videos. Fashion editorials are my passion because they allow me complete freedom and I can collaborate with my fantastic creative team. I really love sharing videos that give insight into the creative process, but I need some great music to keep the mood and flow of the video. For this, I have relied on my friends and the great music over at Triple Scoop Music. I need music that is modern, energetic, and fashion forward in order to fit my brand.

Lindsay Adler Triple Scoop Music Collection

After working with Roy and the team at TSM, I've put together something I wanted to share. I've created my very own Triple Scoop Music Collection, "Fashion Forward". I've selected songs that I think fit great for behind the scenes videos, photo slide shows, and anyone presenting images with a fashion flair approach. I really enjoy a lot of electronic music and songs with a strong beat to pull you through the video and get your heart racing. I have gathered 10 songs that fit these purposes, and am happy to introduce them to you here!


Between now and Jan 18th (Fri) we are having a competition to allow you to win my TSM collection, FREE!!!!  All you have to do is tweet this link "" followed by #TSM_Adler or share my post on facebook (about this blog post). On the 19th I will select my three winners! This is a $399 value... so get Facebook and Tweeting!  Thanks in advance for sharing!