Fashion Posing Guide

I'm excited to announce the second guide in my posing series! The reaction to the first guide has been fantastic, I've received so many great positive comments and reviews, it's been truly rewarding to hear!

The Fashion Posing Guide includes 50 pages of high quality poses to use for reference, including camera, lighting and pose description.

When photographing clients and fashion editorials, I often have several images available to use as posing reference. I utilize these poses to help show the model the mood I am going for and to give me a starting point for posing. Fashion posing (as opposed to boudoir) is often more about strong lines and negative space.

I created the images in this guide to use when creating my 'fashion flair sessions' (fashion inspired portraits). These have become incredibly useful when helping to direct portrait clients and help them visualize the poses we are going for.  I've used these poses for high school senior portraits, fashion editorials, model portfolio shoots and much more.

There is no 'right or wrong' posing in fashion... it's all about the goals of your shoot. Is the shoot more about movement? Is it meant to be dark and mysterious? Is it meant to be high fashion and bold?  The poses contained in this guide provide you with a start point for more traditional and flattering 'fashion poses' to help generate ideas and to communicate with your subject. I hope you are able to use them to create stunning images and to help you in the process of posing your subject!


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