Asher Levine Fashion Film: From the Depths

Last year I was invited to shoot a fashion film for the stunning men's designer, Asher Levine. This men's designer is known for using a fusion of technology and fashion, often molding and sculpting is materials for unique constructions. The designer informed me that their collection would be inspired by the sea... the movement of the pieces, the textures, and the materials used had drawn inspiration from the ocean. For this reason, they would actually have their fashion week runway show on a pier in Manhattan. I was asked to create a video piece that helped encapsulate their collection for that season by showing the clothing, setting the tone, and drawing back to their own inspiration. This short piece would be played before their runway show, and upon its completion the models would begin walking the runway... the film would act as a sort of grand entrance! I began scouting locations that would work for the project, first checking ruins along the waters in NYC. I had some luck, but nothing profound, so I began researching places in a near proximity to NYC by doing google image searches, research on photographic databases, and also Google Earth. Eventually I came across a ship graveyard about an hour outside Manhattan. The ships had been used for scrap metal, but the ships now sit in the mud up against the shore. After a few scouting trips out to the location, I was in love. The location certainly wasn't safe, or clean, or easy to get to (at all)... but there couldn't be a better fit for the fashion film. Here you can see our resulting film, "From the Depths", in which the subject emerges from the sea as a creature and slowly claims the shipwreck as his domain. Eventually, as he evolves, he comes ashore as man. Together with the help of my amazing team, including Lisa Smith Craig (styling), Griselle Rosario (hair and makeup), Jeff Rojas (AD, DP), and the team at Asher Levine, we were able to make something dark and beautiful. The video was featured on Slave Magazine, and numerous other online sites. Enjoy! From the Depths: Asher Levine Collection directed by Lindsay Adler from Lindsay Adler on Vimeo.