Happy Halloween and Happy creativeLIVE

Lindsay Adler's 2012 Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween to you all! I hope that you time to dress up and be creative! Or you can be creative by joining me on creativeLIVE today!

It has been insanely busy over here but I wanted to share a few images with you. Today I had two editorials published in Papercut Magazine, and if you stay tuned during the next week I will be providing you behind the scenes, the final images, and more information about the shoots. The first one is entitled "Gnarled" and was shot a few weeks ago in San Francisco in a gorgeous tree in Golden Gate Park. The second editorial is of the amazing and world-known model Shaun Ross. I don't want to give away too much, but here is one of my favorite images from the two shoot.

Gnarled by Lindsay Adler

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, but wanted to share a few photos from here at creativeLIVE and also my Halloween costume! This weekend Jeff and I attended the Broncolor Halloween party, and decided to go all out with prosthetic masks and insane makeup (Jeff did it himself!) My makeup was so intense that it took 3 hours to complete and when it was done I couldn't see out of my left eye. I think everyone thought I was drunk because I had no depth perception and kept bumping into everyone!

Behind the scenes at creativeLIVE with Lindsay AdlerBehind the scenes at creativeLIVE with Lindsay Adler

Anyway, enjoy these creativeLIVE behind the scenes images, Halloween photos, and one more Halloween treat!


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Lindsay Adler's 2012 Halloween Costume


Lindsay Adler's 2012 Halloween CostumeLindsay Adler's 2012 Halloween Costume