Idem Magazine Editorial

After traveling most of last year I was itching to shoot an editorial as I hadn't done anything in quite some time. I frantically hit up my creative team and by that time we were all bursting with ideas to push the limits.

From that creative session emerged four shoots, yes 4 complete fashion editorials, in one day. It was intense and certainly not easy! By the end of the 14+ hours of shooting I could definitely feel the strain but when we completed it felt like quite the accomplishment. The editorial you see here was the end of an incredibly long day, so we were very excited to see that the shoot made the cover of Idem Magazine's anniversary issue. In fact, the publication did two different covers using two of my images!

Stylistically we wanted the editorial to be clean, polished, and dramatic. We wanted it to seem almost cinematic with a new look on more vintage cinema lighting. Our model, Ishie, did a great job at giving us a little drama and flair... not static poses but instead some movement and theatrics!

To light this scene, I required 4 lights. Two barn doors were pointed from behind Ishie back toward her to give me very crisp, defined rim lights. I used a "Fashion Gray" Savage seamless paper background so that I could allow part of the background to fall to near black (in the shadows) and then illuminate another part of the background to give me a much lighter tone. I felt that this would help to give a bit of depth to the scene and play off of the 'checkerboard' lighting idea (highlight side of face against shadow, shadow side of body against the highlights).

To illuminate the background, I used a zoom reflector to create a gradient of light behind the model. I more or less wanted the transition from light to dark to happen directly behind Ishie, so I used a gobo (basically just black foam core) beside the light. I could manipulate this board to help control where the shadow would fall, and give me more control over the checkerboard lighting pattern.

My final light was a zoom reflector (harsh light) on the model's face. I wanted to give a bit of contrast to the scene and a lot of drama, so this harsher light was a perfect solution. Thankfully, Ishie had stunning skin and so it looked beautiful regardless. In Photoshop I added a bit of grain to fit with this more vintage lighting feel.

I hope you enjoy the shoot!

Hair: Christi Barnes

Makeup: Fatimot Isadare for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Wardrobe:  LSC Styling for 4Season Style Management

Manicurist: Victor Amos using MAC Cosmetics

Model: Ishie with Muse Model Management


Camera Gear:

Canon 5DIII

Sigma 24-70mm 2.8

Sigma 70-200mm 2.8

Spider Holster (use code LINDSAY20 to get 20% off!)

Eye-Fi Card

Lighting Gear:

Profoto D1 Airs (4)

Profoto Zoom Reflector (4)

Profoto Barn Doors (2)

D1 Air Remote


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