Keep it Simple Video for Photographer Resources, Links, Videos and More

This week on creativeLIVE, Jeff Rojas and I have been sharing a lot of videos, tips, gear suggestions and more as part of our Keep It Simple Video for Photographers! I know it is a lot of information to take in, so I wanted to share a few useful links AND freebies that you mind find useful. Don't forget, if you buy the course you get ALL of the slideshows included as pdfs/videos so you can go back and review the information. Either way, here are some links that are sure to make your day!

1. Free Movie Poster Download: On day two (today) we are shooting two sample videos together, a boudoir piece and a film noir video. For Boudoir, perhaps you create a glamour/boudoir video for a woman feeling her best or a bride-to-be creating a special gift for her husband. Film noir could be utilized for a high school senior portrait, engagement video, music video and much more. To promote our final pieces I've asked my graphic designer to create us two movie posters, one for each theme... and now I'm sharing them with you. Here are the details on the posters and the COMPLETELY free download including fonts, templates and more!

2. Complete Gear List: We've talked about a lot of gear on CL. In fact, a TON of gear and it may all be hard to keep track of. Here you can find our complete DSLR video and audio gear list of gear that appeared on set. On day 3 of our CL we will cover our suggested kits and specific brands to fit your needs in three categories: Beginning, Prosumer, Professional, and 'Mac Daddy Kitchen Sink". Be sure to tune in to see what investment in gear is right for what you hope to do.

3. Discount Codes: Several of the companies we will be using on CL have offered us all some discounts. You can find the companies and discounts here.

4. Introducing my book, Creative 52!!: I am happy to announce that my most recent book starts shipping...... TODAY! Yes, that right! I have poured my heart and soul into this book in a desire to inspire and help people push themselves technically and creatively. In Creative 52 I share 52 weekly challenges to help invigorate your portfolio and help push you to inspire yourself!

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5. Video's We've Featured: While you've been watching creativeLIVE, you may have been intrigued and wished you could re-watch some of the videos we've shared. In particular, yesterday afternoon we shared a video of a grandfather imparting his life's words of wisdom to his grandson, which we only played once. We had several tears in our live audience and we were honored to be able to touch the hearts of so many people.
This is the power of photography AND video. Yes, a photo session is a beautiful things, especially if you are able to photograph and grandfather and his baby grandson. You can photograph the beginnings of a warm and loving relationship. With video and audio, however, you can create a keepsake that touches deep into the soul. You can HEAR the warmth and love in the grandfather's voice and he shares his life's advice with his grandson. He may not be around for when his grandson is grown, but his words and love will be forever present through this video piece. So many people miss the opportunity to be photographed with their family and loved ones while everyone is happy and healthy. This piece, to me, is priceless for the entire family. We hope we have inspired you to create video pieces that become a cherished experience and immortalized memory of every single person involved. Don't just create this for your CLIENTS. Create this for your FAMILY.

Words of Wisdom from Lindsay Adler on Vimeo.


Next, here are a couple fine art fashion films I created with Jeff Rojas, so you can watch the pieces in their entirety. For the majority of photographers these are a bit 'avant garde' but the concepts and techniques still apply!


From the Depths: Asher Levine Collection directed by Lindsay Adler from Lindsay Adler on Vimeo.

Le Naissance from Lindsay Adler on Vimeo.

Let It Go from Lindsay Adler on Vimeo.

To demonstrate composition and rule of thirds, Jeff and I showed a shoe advertisement we shot together earlier this year. All shot with a monopod, tripod, and just two shots with a slider!

Alejandro Ingelmo Shoe Advertisement directed by Lindsay Adler: 4-look Cut from Lindsay Adler on Vimeo.


In our class, Jeff Rojas and I referred to an engagement video where together we re-created a stream-of-consciousness version of our first date. The entire piece was filmed on a shoulder rig, with one camera. The playback on CL was a bit shaky for some reason, so you can see the smooth version here.

Memories of Sweet Moments from Jeff Rojas on Vimeo.


Finally, here a boudoir video. It is a wonderful feeling to help a woman look and feel her best, and now we can create boudoir videos to achieve this! On creativeLIVE we show how to create a super simple set, but still shoot all the angles to give you enough footage to create a beautiful and elegant piece!

Secret Doorway Boudoir Video from Lindsay Adler on Vimeo.


We have a few more pieces that we will be sharing with you COMPLETE NEW on creativeLIVE on Friday, so be sure to tune in. These are never-before-seen videos that we can't wait to show you. And, of course, you will learn editing in Photoshop and Premiere on day three so its a must-see!


6. Other Links: We also referred to a variety of other links in our presentation that you might find useful. If there is something we mentioned that is missing, let us know and we can add it below

- Recording great audio with your iPhone!