Look Fabulous Tour 2013: Lindsay Adler and Lou Freeman

The last month of my life I have FILLED with great things. I've shot 6+ editorials, went to Istanbul to shoot a portrait and music video, have gotten to see my family twice, have eaten great food, and gotten SOME sleep. Yesterday, however, I began on a pretty exciting journey. I started off on the longest (distance) continuous trip of my life. I began by flying to Seattle for Photoshop Week at creativeLIVE (I'm on all day today!), tomorrow I leave for Dubai for Gulf Photo Plus and in about 10 days I return to the US straight to Las Vegas for WPPI! All of this is so new and exciting, that I couldn't imagine having something even MORE exciting to talk about... but... I do!

As soon as I get back from WPPI, I embark on a 33 city tour around the US and Canada to teach Fashion Flair hands-on and in seminar. I will be teaming up with fashion and glamour photographer Lou Freeman for 2 months of non-stop adventures, and our focus is teaching our audiences how to employ the techniques of fashion and glamour photography to improve their portrait and wedding work!

Each day as I make my way around the US, I will be teaching a hands-on class in the morning focused on creative studio lighting and fashion flair techniques. This master class is limited to 24 students, meaning that any given time there are only 12 students per instructor for hands-on education. In the evening is our seminar-style education where the two of us POUR or brains out to you in 4 jam-packed hours of everything we can think to share!

If you want to know more about the class description and when we come to your city, check the THE LOOK FABULOUS TOUR WEBSITE.

So what does this really mean? It means that I get to share my passion and knowledge all over the US. I get to see the country in a way I have never experienced it before. I get to photograph models and meet photographers in dozens of cities. AND chances are, I'm coming to a city near you in the next two month.

In the next few weeks I am going to be posting many new editorials I've recently published. So, hopefully, I'll either catch you here online, or I'll catch you in person on my tour!



Two Parts: 9am-5pm Master Class: $299 6pm-10pm Seminar: $69

33 Cities: Fairfield, NJ. Philadelphia, PA. Raleigh, NC. Atlanta, GA. Fort Lauderdale, FL. Tampa, FL. Baton Rouge, LA. Houston, TX. Arlington, TX. Austin, TX. San Antonio, TX. Phoenix, AZ. San Diego, CA. Irvine, CA. Burbank, CA. Sacramento, CA. San Jose, CA. South San Francisco, CA. Portland, OR. Vancouver, BC. Seattle, WA. Denver, CO. Minneapolis, MN. Milwaukee, WI. Chicago, IL. St Louis, MO. Cincinnati, OH. Arlington, VA. New York, NY. Boston, MA. Toronto, ON. Detroit, MI.