Past Month in Review

Month in Review: Calumet, LensFlare35, Unique Photo, Miller's
Month in Review: Calumet, LensFlare35, Unique Photo, Miller's

A lot has happened this past month since I did my first LensFlare Live Social media podcast. My mind is racing at a million miles per hour, so I guess I'll just write down whats happened in bullet format to help sort it out. Yes, this is to keep you all informed of what I'm doing... but it also helps me to get it straight in my own mind!

Month in Review:

  • Did my first two Lens Flare Live Podcast with Rosh Sillars, Daver Warner, and Jack Hollingsworth... these live podcasts about social media for photographers seem to have been very successful. We've had hundreds and hundreds of listeners and I've receive a lot of good feedback via twitter and email. Feel free to send me more questions for our next podcast too!
  • Had my own LensFlare35 interview air (today)... questions about my life, fashion photography, behind-the-scenes of photo shoots and more.
  • Started the "Fashion Photography Intensive" workshops with my friend Lara Jade. We got booked to teach fashion photography workshops in NY, San Francisco and London already!
  • Got signed with an artist rep agency in NY (still working out the paperwork... so I can't spell out the details yet!)
  • Was booked to teach workshops all over the US for a variety of companies. In addition to the fashion intensives (mentioned above), I will be teaching Lightroom and New Media in San Francisco, and Location Lighting in San Diego. I will also be teaching for B&H in NY (sponsored by Millers) and Unique Photo in NJ.
  • I will be teaching for two companies at WPPI in Las Vegas (Millers Photographic and Unique Photo). WPPI is the large professional photo convention in the world!
  • I have been working diligently on my book with Rosh Sillars. Our deadline is in 1 week... and then just waiting for it to come out in bookstores! If you have any new media and social networking testimonials... send me your stories and get in our book!
  • I went to NYC for fashion week and went to my first fashion show and fashion show after party. I spent much of the time with great new friends planning on how to take over the photographic world! Went to the MOMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit, out to fancy dinners, shopping, enjoying the city and making plans for business growth.
  • Did a quick test shoot in NYC with Clio (makeup artist) and Sara (model, friend of a friend)... with successful results (will post soon!)
  • I am also planning several fashion shoots... gather materials and building the concept! Hope to shoot in the next three weeks before I go to Vegas.

Anything else? That is all the pops into my head for now... but new things come up every single day!

Looking to the Future:

I hope to be creating some retouching and fashion photography DVDs in the future. If anyone out there has the $$ and wants to help make an investment in the tutorials/DVDs, let me know! I'm flexible and up for negotiations. Stayed tuned 1 month from now for more updates!

  • Frank Miles

    Hi Lindsay,

    Was looking at your Miller’s links after seeing your print ad. If you’re still looking for investment money for the tutorials/DVDs let me know what you have in mind.