Photo Plus Expo 2015

I remember sitting at the Canon Stage listening to my heroes teach well over a decade ago. Each year I would go to Photo Plus Expo not to buy things (I had no money as I grew my business), not to walk the showroom floor (though I would explore the possibilities), but instead just to sit and soak up as much information as possible at the Canon and Adobe Stages. I’d claim a seat and just absorb. 

I watched the Canon Explorers of Light with awe while I learned about lighting, gear, and watched incredible images flash up on the screen. 

I’ve been teaching at PPE for several years now, but this year I’ll be the opening presentation on the Canon Main Stage. This year, I am one of those Explorers of Light! 

Photo Plus Expo 2015

(Photo Plus Expo details can be found here. )

I’d like to invite you to join me at the Photo Plus Expo for my many exciting events coming up this week. I’m going to share my detailed schedule of events, and I certainly hope you stop by to say hi! 

I kick off the entire event by teaching a (free) class on In-Camera Creative Techniques with the Canon 5D Mark III at the Canon main stage and then continue full-force from there. This event is a lot of fun, and I hope you’ll be able to join in the fun!

Also, I’ll be doing a print signing of only 100 prints and I’ll be announcing that soon, so stay tuned! 

Photo Plus Expo 2015 Schedule

Thursday Oct. 2210:00am-10:45amIn-Camera Creativity with Canon 5DIII Canon Main Stage
12pm-12:45pmBeauty Portraits with the Canon 5DS 180mm macroCanon Live Learning Studio
4:30pm-6:30pmPhoto Walk: Shooting on Location-- Explore the Highline and NYC studio
Friday Oct 238am-10amPlatform Class: Body Beautiful Flattering the Human Form
10am-10:30amBook SigningOutside Room - 1e17
11am-12pmBeauty Portraits with the Canon 5DS 180mm macroCanon Live Learning Studio
4:00pm-4:45pmExploring Beauty with Macro lensesCanon Main Stage - Live shoot
Saturday Oct. 2411am-12pmBeauty Portraits with the Canon 5DS 180mm macroCanon Live Learning Studio
1pm-2pmCanon Print Signing (limited to 100 prints!)Canon stage

Platform Class: MC09-Body Beautiful: Lighting, Posing and Flattering the Human Form (tickets still available, click here).

Sponsored by G-Technology

The body is your creative canvas, and understanding how to shape and flatter the human form is essential for any photographer. In this jam-packed class, world-renowned fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will walk you through her secrets for stunning posing, lighting and creative concepts. She will explore the realms of portrait and fashion photography, as well as the similarities and differences between the genres.

You will learn how to use lighting and posing to showcase the human form and transform your images into works of art. This class is valuable to any photographer seeking a deeper understanding of how the tools of photography allow us to flatter the body, regardless of body type.

In her demonstrations, Lindsay will cover a wide range of topics, including directing your subjects, sculpting the form with light, posing fundamentals and essential poses, photographing and clothing different body types, creative fashion on a budget, top fine art nude posing and lighting techniques and much more. 


Photo Walk:   PW18-Shooting On Location—Explore the High Line (tickets still available, click here).

Join Lindsay Adler in her photo walk down the High Line—former elevated train tracks that have been transformed into a fascinating metropolitan park! Attendees will learn how to analyze locations to see their potential for a fashion shoot including utilizing light and shade & shoot a local model in several interesting locations. Then visit Lindsay's New York City fashion studio to take a peek inside the space where the magic happens!