Photo Plus Day 1, Shoot NYC Notes: Advanced Blogging for Photographers

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking at what is being considering NY's professional photo expo: Shoot NYC.  Its not for amateurs and hobbyists; instead it is an opportunity for serious professionals to learn and network in a stunning environment with a fantastic array of speakers. Held at "La Venue" on W 28th and 11 Ave, the room was filled with beautiful Broncolor lighting setups (a motorcycle, stereo system, models), Hasselblads, and great presenters. I walked in there and all I could say was wow... this was the environment you would image NYC photographers would shoot and network in. Later on in the day there would be cheese, and wine and several large parabolic strobes all over setting the mood. Lights were always flashing (from the different set ups) and people talking business AND having fun (one of the great things about our business!). If you are in the area Friday (tomorrow) I would suggest stopping by and checking it out... impressive for sure!

It was also great being there because I saw a lot of new faces, but also a lot of former students. I really felt pretty established when so many people came up to me saying they had seen me at B&H, or Unique Photo, or attended one of my spring classes in California.

I kicked off the Shoot events at 11am with "Advanced Blogging for Photographers". In this presentation I covered what to blog, why to blog, blogging platforms, plugins, widgets, and much much more! There was so much information packed into this 1.5 hours that I've urged everyone to check out this blog post... with the class notes! I talked a bit faster than normal because this was an advanced audience, I had a lot of key information I wanted to share. Here are the notes, enjoy them! (Also, my story of the day continues below the notes).

Advanced Blogging for Photographers

After my presentation at Shoot NYC I headed over to the Photo Expo where I signed in at the speaker room and hung out with my fellow panelists for tomorrow (Fri). Several of them I had never met in person-- only spoken on dozens of skype calls, new media chats, through twitter and facebook. It really is great to take online relationships and make them real by meeting someone in person. There is a face, a voice and a demeanor that just isn't conveyed online.

I then went and explored the showroom floor visiting some friends, sponsors and acquaintances... checked out the MPIX Pro booth, Sigma booth, Cengage (my publisher) booth, Adorama, and Unique Photo (where I'm speaking tomorrow). I haven't bought anything... yet. 😀

Next was the Tweet Up! I met some pretty important people there and 'got my networking on'. Basically there was a room set up above the expo floor where you could go and meet other social network enthusiasts (or just people who follow you on Twitter). There were several vendors there to chat with (Lensbaby, Nikon, etc) and a room full of people with their Twitter badges on (aka "Hello! My name is @lindsayadler"). Super nerdy, yes. Fun for networking, yes. Rosh (co-author of my first book) and I gave aways a few of our books as raffle prizes, but I left early to go see a presentation by Monica Stevenson back at Shoot NYC.

Monica is known for her splash photography... really its her high speed photography of moving water, ink, splashes, and powder. What was great about this presentation is that even though it was a full room of people, she still made it very interactive. She demoed fruit splashing in water and powder 'exploding' in the air. She let the audience throw the fruit and even shoot the camera. I attended this presentation because I wanted to try something I had never tried before. In my years as a photographer I've been a nature photographer, portrait photographer, photojournalist, fashion photographer-- but never a still life or high-speed photography shooter. I was intrigued to see if her techniques could be somehow integrated into my fashion photography in the future... we will see!

And now I'm sitting on my couch, eyes sore, feet sore, but very happy. A successful day with another two VERY full days ahead.