Photoshop Eyelash Brushes

When I teach creative Photoshop and retouching techniques, one of the things I demonstrate is how to add false eyelashes in Photoshop. I use this technique when shooting boudoir and beauty images when I want the lashes to be fuller, longer, or even to add specialty eyelashes to enhance a shot.

For ages I have been pointing people to different websites online for free eyelash brushes although often I felt the lashes were a bit too 'kitschy' for regular use, or the brushes were not high enough resolution. I've finally decided to make my own solution!

I am now offering 20 Eyelash Brushes completely free for you to download and use to enhance your own images! Brushes are quick and easy to install!

I've carefully selected the shapes and textures I find most useful in my own work, and have provided high resolution (large) brushes great for fashion, glamor, and beauty photography.

For more details on how to change the shapes and warp the brushes, check out my creative retouching digital download.

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  • Aaron K

    Signed up but still no email after 2 hours ๐Ÿ™

    • ladler

      Ill check !

      • Aaron K

        Thanks Lindsay. Looking forward to receiving the e-mail and trying the brushes out!

  • Hi Lindsay, I also signed up, but just got an email without any download link:

    Here is your free download:
    Photoshop Eyelash Brushes
    Thanks again and enjoy!
    – Lindsay Adler Photography

  • got email with no link!

    • I emailed you the link directly Betty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Peter Bindon

    It just worked for me ok. Thanks for the freebie. I’ll be trying the brushes out later.

  • ladler

    Sorry for inconvenience guys, working on the problem now!

  • Hi guys! If you’re not getting the emails please add to your contacts list and also check your spam folder. If you still haven’t received the brushes yet, please email us and we’ll shoot them directly to you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Bonita Elias

    Just attended your Washington DC Look Fabulous Tour. Loved it!!! Got a lot of tips to help my photography skills and portfolio updates. Thanks for the eyelash brushes!

  • Its really appreciating to see the brushes for creating eyelash in Photoshop here and thank you for sharing the download link as well. But it would be more interesting if you would use a sample image here which has been created using this brushes.

  • wonderful and very useful photoshop brushes for eyelash . thanks for sharing with us

  • I love these photoshop brushes . thanks for your nice post and step by step details .

  • Great article!! Your in depth research will help an amateur designer like me to explore different tools on Photoshop.

  • Laura Zรบรฑiga

    thank you!!