Pinspiration Contest Recap

Thank you all for entering my Pinspiration Pinterest Contest! Everyone had great inspiration boards with tons of unique and inspiring images, I was extremely pleased with the overwhelming response! While going through each one of your inspiration boards, I saw some amazing concepts along the way. So get out there and put those concepts to test in your own shoots!

For every fashion and portrait shoot I do, I put together a mood board. The mood board is a series of inspirational images that help set the tone and mood of the shoot. I use Pinterest extensively for this inspiration. I save images of the hair I like, makeup I'm drawn to, lighting, locations and more. When you look a my mood boards you can almost FEEL what the end image will look like. Furthermore, I save images that simply inspire me and add them to my photographic bucket list. When I look back over a large series of images, often a pattern begins to emerge and I see a style or technique I am drawn to. Perhaps it is a color, or a lighting style, or an overall mood or even color palette. When these themes emerge on my Pinterest inspiration boards, I give myself assignments to make these themes that I am drawn to appear in my own work. For this competition I was drawn to two boards in particular, and the winning board... well... I am a sucker for red! It showed a wide range of ways that the theme of red could be communicated in a single image or a series of images and I love it!

Congratulations to Adrian Farr, who won a Lensbaby Composter Pro! And second place winner Sheri Lee who won a copy of my Designing an Image video!

I will be running more contests like this in the future, so be sure to sign up below this post to receive notifications of contests, thanks again!