Retouching and Creative Photoshop Effects: creativeLIVE!

creativeLIVE Retouching and Creative Photoshop Effects with Lindsay Adler

I'm coming back to creativeLIVE this Halloween for three full days on Retouching and Creative Photoshop effects (Oct 30, 31st, Nov 1)!

Photoshop is the next realm of my creativity in my photography. It allows me to make the impossible possible, it allows me to perfect my subject, and to make a great deal of creative changes. I don't see Photoshop as a way to 'cheat' and fix things I was too lazy fix. I still always try to get it right in camera. But sometimes what I envision in my head simply is too expensive to achieve in reality or just is completely impossible. That is where Photoshop comes in.

Often when doing a creative shoot, I know the roll that Photoshop will play even before I've picked up the camera. When doing portrait and wedding photography I know that I can help my subjects look their best by utilizing subtle and flattering retouching techniques. With beauty and fashion photography I can achieve perfection utilizing my retouching.

Last time I was on creativeLIVE I taught "Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photographers". It was definitely a success and I briefly covered some of my favorite retouching techniques. We only had about an hour and half for me to blast through my top tips and tricks, and it definitely wasn't at a slow place conducive to learning, questions, etc. Many of you tweeted, facebooked and email creativeLIVE asking to bring me back to cover this subject matter. And guess what? You helped bring me back!

This class is definitely applicable to portrait, fashion, beauty and wedding photographers. I'll cover everything from a basic retouch, to more intensive corrections, to an avant garde photoshop effect. The concept and techniques apply no matter the type of people photography you specialize in. Furthermore, I'll actually be taking several shoots from start to finish (concept, live shoot, live retouch) for you to see the entire process.

If you want to see the entire course line-up for the three days, check it out here on the creativeLIVE website. If you don't know about creativeLIVE, be sure to read up on it. It is a way to watch amazing teachers covering essential topics for COMPLETELY FREE live-streaming on the web. The concept is a truly incredible resource for any photographer.

If this is a topic that you really want to learn about in person, I have 6 lucky audience members that get to attend my class! You need to creative a 60 second video explaining why you want to take my class and put it up on youtube/vimeo. Then tweet @creativeLIVE #AdlerLIVE... and we will be making our selections in the next couple of weeks. I hope to see you online or in person! You can watch the video describing the class below!

Thank you so much for everyone's continued support in my career and the resources I provide. YOU helped bring me back to share yet again!


Class description:

Learn in-depth techniques for retouching images to perfection, helping your clients look their best, and expressing your creative vision! Whether retouching skin, whitening teeth or reshaping body features, Photoshop allows you to perfect reality as well as express your creative vision. In this workshop portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will cover essential retouching techniques and teach how Photoshop allows you to make the impossible possible! Lindsay will cover countless creative Photoshop techniques: creating porcelain skin, changing colors, displacement maps, adding textures, adding makeup in Photoshop, quick retouching plugins, and dozens of other techniques you can apply to your own photography.

Let Photoshop become your next realm of creative expression through this workshop. Lindsay will also include a couple live shoots and live retouches so you can see an image start to finish and learn the nuances between a portrait, beauty or avant garde retouch.