Sigma Safari – Promotional Images for Photo Plus Expo

As you may be aware, at the end of this month is the annual Photo Plus Expo held at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC. It is one of the biggest photo events of the year where thousands of photographers will be coming to learn and shop from nearly all the biggest vendors, masters of the craft, and much more. This is a high-energy event that I've been an attendee since my teens (though I started as an attendee and now I have the honor to present).

In preparation for this event, Sigma (one of my main sponsors) approached me to create promotional images for their booth theme this year entitled "Sigma Safari". To help make the booth even more exciting and visually alluring, Sigma invited me to photograph safari themed images with the Sigma SD1.

I was asked to create 3 different animals that would adorn the booth walls. The concept was to create a balance between high fashion and costume, not just aiming for full body paint, but instead infusing a fashion and fashion editorial feel to the imagery. We decided on photographing a lion, bird, and cheetah.

For the lion, we chose to exaggerate the hair and subtle makeup that accentuated the lion-like features. Couture jewelry 'claws' would help drive the point home.

For the cheetah, we decided on something a bit sexier (as cheetah print is often featured this way), and we worked with the model for alluring posing and high energy, as if the cheetah were pouncing.

The bird, for me, was the clear champion of the shoot! Griselle (my makeup artist) airbrushed these stunning colors onto the model's face and Lisa Smith Craig custom crafted the headpiece. My team did an incredible job and the images JUMP off the page... will be sure to stop you in your tracks!

What's even more exciting is that you will be able to photograph images JUST LIKE THESE at the Photo Plus Expo in NYC beginning on October 24th! My entire team will be constructing more animal themed sets at Photo Plus where you can test drive Sigma lenses and cameras. I can promise it will be a LOT of fun. If you can't make Photo Plus this year, don't fret — Sigma will be live streaming the entire event and will also be giving away a 35mm 1.4 lens! Learn more about Sigma Safari here.

Below is my schedule for Photo Plus this year.

Check out the video and photos below!

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