Studio Lighting Reference Guide App

It is finally here! After many months of planning and hard work, I am happy to release my newest iPhone-iPad App... Lindsay Adler's Studio Lighting Reference Guide! A few years ago I remember thinking to myself, I wish I had a little recipe book of a wide range of lighting setups. It would be awesome if they were separated by category. If I had a client that wanted something dramatic... EASY! I could just flip to the dramatic lighting section. Or if I were looking for something soft and elegant... EASY! I could just flip to the high key lighting section. And what about all these different modifiers? What do they look like and how would I use them? Keeping this in mind, I planned my studio lighting reference guide. In this app (for iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad, Mini), there are 9 different courses. Each course has a different theme... from two-light setups, to high key. Within each one of these different courses there are ten completely different setups. Throughout all of the apps there are NO repeat setups...meaning if you purchase them all that would be 90 different lighting setups! I worked very hard on these to give you all the information you need; the light modifiers used (and also reference alternatives, lighting diagrams, distances of lights to subject, height of lights, power of lights, camera settings and more. You have everything you need to recreate these setups! ALL of my most common lighting setups are included, and even some setups I invented specially for this guide! The most important part, I have given you all one app ENTIRELY FREE!! The 10 Beauty Dish setups is totally free... including all camera settings, angles of light, tools and more. So, if you have a chance, be sure to jump onto iTunes and grab it free! Each additional lighting guide is only $0.99. In the next few months I will also be releasing the final lighting courses, including a course on Creative Studio Lighting. In the end, it will be a great go-to reference guide for the beginning and even professional photographer. PS: I wanted to give a special special thank you to Jeff Rojas for making this app possible. He helped me take the app from the concept to completion... even when my thoughts and desires were all over the place, he helped me focus and liaison will all the parts required to make this app happen.

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