Studio Lighting Reference Guide iPhone app!

LIndsay Adler's Studio Lighting Reference GuideI'm proud to announce that my Studio Lighting Reference Guide will soon be available for the iPhone and iPad!

This app provides you dozens of lighting setups and techniques to help
equip you with a wide range of lighting solutions for any photographic
challenge. Whether you need to light for high key beauty or a dramatic
portrait, there are setups to help you achieved your visual goals.

The app includes 9 different courses, each with a specific theme like "High
Key Lighting" or "2 Light Setups". All the courses include 10 different
'lessons' that cover a different lighting setup or solution within that
overall theme. For example, in the "High Key Lighting" courses there are 10
different lessons covering 10 totally different high key lighting setups.
With the purchase of all 9 courses you will be provided with 90 different
lighting setups! There are no overlaps between the courses, and you will
have an incredible resource to refer to when learning lighting or lighting
for your next creative projects or assignment!

Through this app you can learn dramatic light, high key light, many modifiers, and versatile setups that utilize as many as  four lights. This app is a must-have resource for someone learning or mastering studio lighting.