Ten Goals for 2013

I STRONGLY suggest setting goals each year. When I write them down on paper it helps me to see the path ahead of me and (even more importantly) it helps me to define my priorities. I never seem to have enough hours in the week, or month, but at least having my priorities defined allows me to focus my time and efforts. I don't need to drone on about goals, but I will tell you that it is one of the most relieving and rewarding experiences when I see another goal checked off the list.

Without further delay, here are my 2013 goals!

1. Write Book #4: I have already selected the theme for my next book, and there are hardly any books on the market that discuss this exciting topic! I can't tell you the theme right away, but my goal is to have it out for Oct 2013 (Photo Plus Expo). It will have LOTS of images and LOTS of creativity.

2. Save enough money for a downpayment on an apartment: I live in a beautiful NYC apartment on Central Park. I love where I live, the neighborhood, the amenities, and more. I recently had a friend come over and she told me that I lived in the 'quintessential NYC apartment, just like in Sex & the City". That being said, it is painful to spend so much monthly on rent, and I'd rather pay a mortgage. So... that's my goal! Start saving for a home!

3. Focus on Brand: I sometimes feel like my brand is all over the place. It is not as clearly defined and established as I would like... so in 2013 I will focus on rebranding and keeping this brand more consistent. I don't exactly have a set of criteria to judge this by, but I still want to keep branding in the back of my mind for all my businesses endeavors in 2013.

4. Major Magazine Title: I publish regularly in a lot of great publications... Syn Magazine, Papercut Magazine, Zink Magazine, Factice Magazine, and dozens of other wonderful fashion publications. Yet this names are not generally recognized by the greater public like a Harper's Bazaar, Elle or Vogue Magazine. By the end of 2013 I need my work featured in at least one of these big-named publications.

 5. Photograph an A-lister: I have never been one to be star-struck of focused on celebrity. Its just never been a focus of my attention.  Yet I know that when I open the portfolio of a photographer and it leads off with a current A-lister or well-know celebrity, it tends to add credibility to their work. I want this same impact and celebrity, so I will seek to have a portrait of at least one major name in entertainment (or the news) before the year's end.

6. Snazzy New Studio: I have plans to move into a new studio space that has the "Lindsay Adler touch". I want the location to be enough of a blank slate to encourage creativity, but also a comfortable and unique environment that encourages creativity. I've been scouring etsy and ebay for the last few days finding all the little pieces that I think will help me make this new studio space a great creative home.

7. Video Content: I am going to make a drive to share a LOT more with you all through video content this year. Video is one of the best ways to communicate concepts of photography, as we are all visual learners. I have a number of projects involving business of photography, concept generations, lighting and more that will end up as video content to share with you all! I also want to direct some fine art fashion pieces... and I've got a few cool ideas brewing.

8. Employee #2: By the end of 2013 I'd like to have another employee to help me manage and grow my business. Ideally this personal will help me with editing, managing video content, managing the studio, and a few other projects I have pending. I truly believe in focusing on you strengths, and mine is photography and content generation. I aim to pass on the other work to someone who specializes in that area.

9. Online Project: Ok... I'm going to be annoying and say I have a great goal of a cool online project, but I cannot share it with you yet! Its top secret! But, I've have to write it down to hold myself to it!

 10. Amazing Locations: There are several places I am dying to shoot. One is a stylized warehouse in Chelsea, another is a mansion in Yonkers, another is a desert with sand dunes. I love the studio, but sometimes feel cramped! I need to expand and explore! I want to push myself to try to shoot some more location editorials to add some more drama to my portfolio.


I have several other goals, but many of them are focused around finances, personal development and other 'top secret projects'. I've written them down, and can't wait to review them all with you at this time next year!