Unearthed Metals Editorial in Zink Magazine

Unearth Metal Beauty Editorial for Zink Magazine by Lindsay Adler.

One of the reasons I have been able to grow as an artist is that I have developed an ability to balance a need for complete control and a need to relinquish control.

In other words, I have found that I have even more control when I work with others to help me better express my concepts. I try to specialize and focus on what I do best (lighting, posing, composition) and direct others to do what they do best (hair, makeup, wardrobe). I feel more like a director on a movie—yes the concept and overall vision is mine, but it is definitely a concerted effort!

In this instance, I had flown this model Virginija all the way from Lithuania to shoot with me a bit earlier this year, you may recognize her from my  "Organic" editorial. I had been looking to collaborate with other artists and try an experiment. I would relinquish much more control than usual. I would shoot a variety of raw images as plates to pass on to another artist to do as they pleased! I began looking at digital artists, graphic designers, and illustrators throughout the internet include DeviantArt. DeviantArt is a social network community of artists of all sorts, whether traditional arts like watercolor painting to more experimental digital arts. I came across the work of Nastplas and instantly fell in love with their other-worldly imagery. The models and scenes were somewhat dark, surreal, and alien-esque (a perfect fit for my model).

I reached out and proposed this project to Nastplas, asking them to do a creative collaboration for feature in Zink Magazine. They agreed and I planned a shoot where I shot a wide range of light and poses for Virginija, giving them blank canvas to work with. I had no idea which direction they would go. I sent them an email with the work that they had created previously that I was most drawn to, as well as the work of other artists that I thought my serve as inspiration. My email to them read like this " You can take these whatever direction you want. You can add tentacles, make her bald, add words, add shapes, WHATEVER you want. You can take one photo and change it 8 times, or 8 different photos, or whatever inspires you. Any effects you want. You inspire, now my pieces can help inspire you."

The team at Nastplas reviewed my images, and then sent me their proposal to proceed.

We are inspired by the chemical elements of the periodic table.
Specifically metals. We have carefully selected 7 elements, of which we have generated complex organic elements based on metal structures.
Vanadium - 50.9415 - V - 23
Scandium - 44.95591 -Sc - 21
Zirconium - 91.224 - Zr - 40
Rhodium -  102.9055 - Rh - 45
Halnium - 178.49 . Hf - 72
Beryllium - 9.01218 - Be - 4
Molybdenum - 95.94 - Mo - 42

They sent me their first edits, we went back and forth a few times to refine the final concept and direction. In the end, they provided me with this stunning and unique unusual beauty editorial, Unearth Metals. I had nothing like this is my portfolio and when I sent it to the editor of the magazine for review she exclaimed "ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT". Pretty high praise! It is currently on newsstands for the Winter 2013 Issue of Zink Magazine (can be found at many Barnes and Nobles and specialty magazine shops).


Photographer: Lindsay Adler

Makeup Artist: Griselle Rosario

Model: Virginija Baneviciute

Creative Effects: Nastplas

Skin Retouch: Rebecca Siegel

Magazine: Zink Magazine



Canon 5D Mark III

Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 lens

Broncolor Senso Pack

Broncolor P70 Long Throw


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