BTS Video: Void Fashion Editorial

Last week I posted a clean, graphic fashion editorial I shot for Relapse Magazine, entitled "Void" ( on my blog. I was excited to share the images because they really reflected my style of clean, graphic images that arrest the eye!

For each shot I lit the model with a large light source (a Westcott shoot-through umbrella to give the metallic clothing an even illumination throughout.

Each RAW image I processed twice in Photoshop CS6-- once so the model was in silhouette, and another time so that clothing was shimmery and correctly exposed. These images were combined to create the high-impact images you saw for the completed editorial.

Here is the behind the scenes video shot and edited by one of my friends and assistants, David Geffin. He did a fantastic job showing the high-energy and fun on my shoots. If you want to see the lighting, posing, and wackiness that goes on during my sets-- check out the video for sure. Its brilliantly edited (I say brilliantly because Dave is from London and the word seems appropriate). Thanks Dave ( for the terrific job!

Void Fashion Editorial by Lindsay Adler from Lindsay Adler on Vimeo.

All images in this editorial shot with SIGMA lenses

In case you weren't following, life is quite an adventure right now! I'm on city 5 of 33 in my tour with Lou Freeman, the 'Look Fabulous Tour' ( So far we have met incredible people, played a lot of pranks on each other, and have been working 18 hour + days. If you haven't checked it out, you can keep up with some of the shenanigans on my facebook page (ie Dave Geffin diving headfirst through seamless paper). It's more than a lot of work, but it's more than a lot of fun too.