We are Miller’s Ad Campaign Behind-The-Scenes

Lindsay Adler, We Are Miller's Ad, by Kathleen Adler
Lindsay Adler, We Are Miller's Ad, by Kathleen Adler

This fall I will be spotlighted for the "We Are Miller's" Ad Campaign. An advertisement with my photo will run in a variety of publications including Professional Photographer Magazine and Rangefinder Magazine. For this process I had to produce an image of myself and also answer a series of questions that are converted to "I am" statements.

The image I am sharing in this blog post is NOT THE IMAGE that will be used in the ad. Another image was selected from a totally difference scene/location, and that will be released when the advertisement runs. I just wanted to share a shot that we created with some behind the scenes video of the shoot.

Our creative team included:

Photographer: Kathleen Adler (my mom)

Assistant: Joel Chapman

Background Model: Sara

Video Capture: Bob Trautman

We took this image on location in waterfalls in Owego, NY. We used a portable flash (Canon 580EX Mark II), pocket wizards, the Canon 5D Mark II, and a portable flash softbox adaptor. We also used a silver reflector to fill in some of the shadows. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes!