We Are Miller’s Ad Now Launched!!

On Saturday I received a copy of After Capture Magazine in the mail. If you've never received the magazine, its pretty cool and has some interesting content. Definitely worth reading! It covers a bit of everything on post processing and Photoshop effects, and features photographic artists and their creative post-processing techniques. As I was flipping through it, I came across my face on a double page spread! I knew that it was coming, but didn't expect it so soon. So I'm sharing it with you now!

We Are Miller's: Lindsay Adler 2010
We Are Miller's: Lindsay Adler 2010

I am the new face for the "We Are Miller's" advertising campaign! This ad will be running this fall in After Capture, Rangefinder Magazine and Professional Photographer Magazine. If you get your hands on any of these issues from Sept to-Dec you'll see me! While you are looking for me, also look in the Sept-Oct issues of Rangefinder and Professional Photographer for a variety of articles I have written for these publications (from business practices to video tips).

In this image (above) I am seen in front of one of my favorite places to photograph clients... an old and abandoned train in the town of Owego, NY. The train has a stunning color, beautiful textures, and gets great evening light for photography. I was asked to choose a location that I felt best fit my style of photography or represented something about myself. I pride myself on imagery with a distinct fashion flair, and I felt that this image (with my friend and client Sara modeling in the background) was a good representation of this approach to portraiture.

I was asked to describe myself in a series of "I Am" statements and I came up with:






When you get a copy of the ad, you can take a closer look and read more in-depth about my 'I Am' statements.

Miller's Professional Imaging is my professional printing lab, and I have been happily using their products and services for years. I found it INCREDIBLE that not only do they have an amazing array of high-quality products, but they also deliver these products in 1-2 days. If I order prints on a Monday morning, sometimes I have them by Tuesday afternoon. When you are busy or forced to do things last minute, this is an amazing benefit (and its at no extra charge). I use them to produce pretty much all my business related products. From prints, DVD cases or custom greeting cards for my clients, I use Miller's. For my business they print my promo cards, business cards, promo books and more. I love their products and they have also been a terrific sponsor... they have sponsored me speaking at DOZENS of events across the country from WPPI to local professional photo organizations. They are nothing short of fantastic and now I have the honor of being in one of their ad campaigns.

Thanks for listening to me share my good news!