Weekly Wrap up #2 — The week of August 19th

The beginning of the week I started by reminiscing over a very successful and fun-filled beauty intensive at my studio here in NY. I looked over my images, retouched a bit, and was thrilled with the beauty images we created. It's great to hear back from the students and see the images they captured and it's also incredibly rewarding to help people make the images of their dreams!

Most of my week I spent retouching and putting some of the final touches on my new book, Creative 52. I have just a little bit left to go and I'm at the home stretch. Writing a book is a challenging task, and one of the most difficult parts is finding the time and concentration to work on writing while you're also working on your 'normal job' and life. I'm working on my introduction at the moment, sharing how I took my images up a notch and have pushed myself to be creative. It's exciting to see it all coming together at last!

I spent Friday and Saturday at Dury's in Nashville, and I ate a LOT of BBQ and southern food while I was there. Friday night I gave a presentation on my upcoming book, Creative 52, as "Conquering Evil Light" (aka Shooting in Sh*tty Light).

Saturday, however, was the highlight of the week! For my workshop at Durys we booked beautiful models and shot at a stunning old mansion, built in the mid-1800s. The mansion had gorgeous furniture, amazing details on the walls, and light that we crafted to make dramatic images. We photographed in the hedge maze out front, in the parlors upstairs, and in the incredible entry way (with beautiful paintings on the walls and massive doors!).

I showed attendees how to see and craft natural light to make dramatic images. An important part of my photography is analyzing a scene, and determining where the best place to put a model is to utilize the light in the scene, and what modifiers or tools I might need to enhance the light already present. I shared how you can change the position of the model and your camera to create extremely dramatic, rim-lit shots without special lighting.

While we were there, the caretaker of the house let us know about the ghosts present in the mansion. For that reason, I created this final image of the model walking through the doorway. I used the lensflare and an uneasy gaze of the model to give the impression of a spirit in the room. Although many elements of this frame are 'technically incorrect', it is perfect for establishing an eerie mood!

Check out some of the images below!


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