Woodsman men’s editorial for Beautiful Savage Magazine

Style and consistency are important for a photographer's brand, however it's important to venture outside of your comfort zone every now and than and begin to challenge yourself. That's where my latest shoot comes in, Woodsman men's editorial for Beautiful Savage Magazine.

Challenges thrill me — trying new lighting, different subject matter, challenging situations... all of these get me amped and tend to get my mind thinking in a more creative way. When I can break free of routine and comfort, it seems to grant my mind the freedom to be even more creative with the elements before me.

Typically my style is clean, bold and graphic. For this particular shoot I challenged myself by shooting a much grittier style than usual and by teaming up with another photographer to create this editorial. Photographer Jeff Rojas and I came up with the idea of a 'mountain man' men's editorial loosely with a Duck Dynasty feel. This man would be tough, a bit rough in appearance yet with a refined style that communicates sophistication. We selected our model, Tate, with a long beard and long hair to play the role of our masculine hero of the piece and traveled out to an estate in New Jersey for an environment that supported the mood of the shoot. We had scouted the estate for a prior shoot, and know of this rustic and gritty lodge that would serve a perfect background for this rough yet sophisticated men's editorial.

I had never shot alongside  another photographer before, yet we decided it would be great to team up as a way to capture both video and stills. While one person was shooting, the other person could be capturing motion. In the end this would allow us to create a still and motion piece with two perspectives on the same subject matter. Although both he and I are of strong personalities with clear visions, the shoot was a smooth and steady collaboration. Jeff is extremely talented in direct men's posing to communicate style, confidence and comfort. It was great to watch him work and interact with his subject. During the motion shoot I was also able to play with a few new pieces of gear and experiment with camera movement and exposure.

Styling for the shoot was by LSC for 4Season Style Management and hair/makeup by Nicole Rogers. The entire shoot was done with all natural light, purposefully shying away from 'perfect' or flattering lighting, and instead going for a grittier and more real look. The shoot ended up the striking new print publication Beautiful Savage for their men's issue. Below you can see a selection of images from the editorial and also the final video piece that was compiled by Jeff Rojas.

Check out the "Man issue" on Beautiful Savage's website: http://beautifulsavage.com/magazines/man-issue/



Canon 5D III

Sigma 50mm 1.4

Sigma 85mm 1.4

Sigma 70-200mm 2.8

Cinevate Atlas Slider

Cinevate Cyclops

Cinevate Simplis


Mountain Man from Jeff Rojas on Vimeo.

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