WPPI 2011, Photo Expo, Career & Life Updates Aug 2011

I've had a lot going on in life recently. A lot. From new sponsorships, to moving, to new projects... I've kept busy. I just wanted to share a bit of whats been going on recently. There is no useful tutorial content here... just me making a running list of the stuff I've been diving into.

Portrait of Ashley, Photo Connection Workshop, By Lindsay Adler
Portrait of Ashley, Photo Connection Workshop, By Lindsay Adler

My New Home:

I found my new home on the upper west side on NYC, on West 88th Street.  I am just a few feet away from Central Park, and even closer to a subway entrance. It is a lovely new home-- exposed brick walls, marble fireplace, tiny bathroom. I will be moving into the apartment Sept 1st. I will still be keeping my studio in upstate NY for support income and whatnot will I pursue my career opportunities in the city. Finding an apartment was HELL, such a pain but it all worked out. Even better yet, I'll only be a few blocks away from my younger sister Alicia. We have been living thousands of miles apart since she went to college, and now we will be neighbors! I am happy to be next to central park because it will be a great place to do some test fashion shoots and teach some photography classes. I am also looking into a photo studio share near Times Square, where I'll be able to teach some classes and have a studio for my fashion work. If you are interested in private lessons or attending some small group classes in NYC, drop me a line!

Photo Plus in Panelist, NYC:

I will be a panelist speaker at the Photo Plus in NYC on the topic of social media. The panel will consist of my social media photo friends. Here are some details below... I hope you come watch if you are at PPE!

Friday Oct 29, 2010 3:30-5:30

Photo Plus Expo, Jacob Javitz Center, New York City

New Media Marketing for next generation Photographers

Are you one of the thousands of photographers today that feel like our industry has taken a sudden and abrupt change in directions, almost overnight. Especially as it relates to how commercial photographers market, brand, sell, promote. Are you feeling the need to swerve, veer, change course, zigzag along with it? If you do, you are not alone. Come and listen to a celebrated panel of new, digital and social media experts who will give first hand experience on how to leverage these new tools and technologies to grow a photographers brand. The session will cover beginner and intermediate tips and techniques for Web sites, Blog sites, promotional videos, podcasts, Webinars, e-books, e-mail marketing, Twitter, Facebook, IPhones and IPads, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, SEO and a lot more. This session is for working photographers—taught by working photographers and marketing consultants to the photography industry. Get on the fast track. Swerve with us. Be a part of this critical conversation. Take your brand to new heights through new and social media processes and platforms. Mark this session down.

WPPI 2011 Platform Speaker:

It was announced on Friday that I will be a PLATFORM speaker at WPPI 2011 in Las Vegas! I am sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging, and I am so extremely excited to be teaching at WPPI this year. It was a fantastic conference with fantastic people, eager to learn. Plus, its in Las Vegas! Can't be that. If you have never attended the conference, I can tell you it is well worth it. You can find cheap hotels in Las Vegas, great food, amazing photo classes, a HUGE trade show and more.  This will be GREAT! If you are going to WPPI, I am interested in arranging a Tweet Up, and I certainly hope you'll come see me present. The topic of my speech is TBA.

WPPI 2010 Road Trip Washington DC:

This year I have been invited to speak at the WPPI Road Trip in Washington DC. I will be presenting on Organization in the Digital Age... in other words I will teach you the essentials you need to know to get and stay organized including workflow programs, keywords, metadata, filing naming structures, and more!

Potential SXSW Speaker:

I potentially have a chance to speak about the business of photography at the SXSW Conference! Right now there is open voting where you can create your profile and vote for your favorite classes... then ideally I'll get to go! The class would be me, Rosh Sillars (my co-author) and Jack Hollingsworth (social media guru, great photog). When I check on Friday the voting was down, but it should be up soon. You can check for the panel picker voting, or watch my twitter for more info.

My Second Book:

I am currently working on my second book (tentatively) titled "Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography". I have taught this presentation to many of you before... but the book will cover how to take the essential techniques of fashion photography and apply them to your portrait work in order to create stunning, high-end imagery for your clients. I cover locations, styling, props, lighting and much more. This book will be out in February 2011, in time for WPPI 2011. I'm very excited for my new book... and hope you will be too!

Fashion Agency Launch Party:

My fashion photography agent, KESS Agency, had a huge launch party a few weeks ago in NYC and it was incredible. It was in "The Glasses Houses" in NYC. It was the top floor balcony and lovely. Imagine: White roses and orchids, huge photos (by me!) projected on the white walls, fantastic hors d'oeuvres, open bar, tons of important fashion industry people, high-end clothing, loud music, and amazing fun. Now my agency is really kicking off... we'll see what it brings! You can check the KESS Agency Facebook Page to see some images from the party!

Potential Sponsorships:

I have to keep these hush hush for the moment, but watch for some cool new sponsorships in the new future!

Other Stuff:

I have a million other things going on as well. Shooting regularly client portraits, traveling all over to teach photography, writing articles for major publications, etc. I will now be writing for Rangefinder Magazine, in addition to my usual publications. I recently spoke at the Photo Connection in Colchester CT, and also at B&H in NYC (for my book signing and other classes). Life is busy, but very rewarding. Watch for my upcoming articles and work... I'll keep you updated. 😀